Krones introduces new Modulpac universal packaging machine

This Modulpac universal packaging machine from Krones can handle a wide range of different packaging tasks. It is an intermittent operation with a maximum speed of 25 rpm. The packaging container enters the basic module of the packaging machine at right angles to the machine axis. In addition to the linear carton transfer module, it can also be customized according to actual application needs. Operation module.

The diversity of individual modules has resulted in many different application functions for this packaging machine, which can be completely modified according to the customer's needs. Its advantage lies in the fact that only a compact packaging machine can meet the needs of a wide range of applications, and the specific packaging requirements generated in the future can also be quickly met on an existing machine basis.

The detector on this machine is a new RotoCheck rotary full-bottle detector developed by Krones. It can find the rim of the Glass Bottle with a minimum edge length of 0.5mm and can directly remove the secondary bottle. The RotoCheck detector is designed for 40,000 to 72,000 bottles/hour. Defective bottles can be removed directly inside the machine.

In addition, a large number of maintenance and modification work do not require service personnel to visit the site. Technicians can access the full user interface of the machine through the data cable, and then they can perform operations that all operators can do with the touch screen. Remote monitoring is possible even with PLC control or higher-level control systems. With this remote service support, you can save time and save money.

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