Retaining the natural mineral water of Ty Nant

If you have always believed in "water invisible," then you should now remind yourself if you have a mindset. Of course, if the water itself alone, then we naturally can not tell with the naked eye whether it is from the artificial water flowing out of the tap, or pure spring water flowing through the mountain brook. Many consumers only rely on the impression of the appearance of the package to decide whether to buy a bottle of water, which gives a very different impression just to explain why the packaging of bottled water is crucial to the image of the brand. Ross Lovegrove Inc. filled its Ty Nant natural mineral water into clear PET bottles of 16.9 and 33.8 ounces. Pure, colorless plastic allowed Ty Nant water bottles to reflect the natural flow of water as much as possible. The original intention of the water bottle design was as follows: One does not seem to put water in the container, but it seems that when the spring water spews out, it solidifies the flow in the air.

Ross Lovegrove has a clear position at the beginning of this mineral water market. Instead of using common water bottles, the company developed blue glass bottles, which are now widely known. As a result, the Ty Nant mineral water bottles were popularized and sought after by hotels and restaurants. Ten years later, the brand new PET packaging will surely make Ty Nant mineral water the darling again.

Source: Packaging Expo

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