New software and new system add luster to wet equipment

Normal > With the advent of automatic stacking, control systems, and high-speed, high-quality feed systems for a wide range of equipment, the quality of the carton and the overall performance of the carton are all the more important. The quality of the paperboard is the key to the quality of the carton. factor. Modern carton factories cannot accept warp cardboard, layered cardboard, cracked cardboard, or cardboard that is not rigid enough.

Normal > In the whole production process, the tension of the base web (especially during the tying process), the temperature and humidity of the paper, the accuracy of the amount of paste, the solids content of the paste, the viscosity and the temperature are all of the quality of the paperboard. Stability plays an important decisive role. Rapid heating and uploading of the control absorbent belt on the double-sided machine is of great significance for controlling the warpage of the board. Over the past few years, these projects have been the focus of research and development by suppliers. In today’s market that calls for more new models to meet the needs of different new packaging designs, the rapid replacement of the base paper rolls, the setting of the splicer, and the rapid change of the stencil on the single-sided machine are all essential functions of the wet-end equipment. The advanced wet equipment requires very few operators and can reduce the occurrence of errors, thereby achieving cost reduction.

Normal > As we all know, the investment in the wet line equipment on the tile line is usually mainly aimed at improving the quality of the board and improving the performance of the wet equipment to help increase the overall production efficiency of the plant. As the wet end equipment is the “core” of the carton production workshop, the machinery suppliers are also constantly investing funds to develop new equipment to meet the needs of users:

Normal > l          The wet department management software in Vonderheiden, Germany , is a software system that helps older equipment meet modern and new equipment standards. With this software system, the entire tile operation can be controlled at one terminal, and all production units are connected via Ethernet. Using a color touch screen, operators can control bridging, paper racks, and base paper transportation systems including synchronizing sheets, and can also be combined with production planning software such as Kiwiplan. In addition, the operator can also control the single-sided machine, glue application system, preheating section, pull-out roller and heating section.

Normal > l          The design goals of the Isowa ICS II splicer in Japan are: smooth splicing, elimination of cardboard warpage, and reduction of web tension and vibration problems that often lead to delamination of the paperboard. The ICS II has a take-up speed of 400 m/min (250 m/min for catch-to-tail type). At the same time, because it can maintain smooth operation and stable web tension under adverse conditions, it ensures the quality of the paperboard.

Normal > These new features and advantages of the ICS II are equipped with the CCTI - tile tension continuous feed system. The purpose of the CCTI was to reduce and eliminate the delamination of cardboard that appeared on single-sided machines and double-sided machines. Because the temperature of the base paper is very easy to drop, the quality of the web is easily affected at high speeds, so the paperboard is prone to delamination. To avoid this, Isowa has developed the CCTI with a special tension control roller combined with an AC servo drive motor, a PLC and a floating roller guide roller. When the base paper passes through the CCTI roll, the fluctuation of the original paper force generated by the splicer is eliminated and the continuous tension is set by CCTI's advanced control system. Stable tension not only reduces or eliminates board delamination but also eliminates other common problems such as splitting and warping. The floating roller driven by the AC servo motor can make the paper contact more stable and reliable, and make the paper take more precise. In addition to ensuring accuracy, PLC control makes the device easier to maintain.

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Source: Global Corrugated Paper Box Industry

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