Medium-temperature filling technology suitable for China's national conditions

Since the temperature filling technology of PET bottled beverage was born in China, the filling production line adopting this technology has developed rapidly in a short period of several years, and has matured and formed a certain market scale. This technology is based on the limit of the temperature resistance of ordinary PET bottles. With the supporting filling line, filling environment and follow-up process, the product can be kept fresh without adding any preservatives. Through production practices, beverages produced from non-heat-resistant PET bottles have been shown to meet the hygienic specifications of heat-resistant PET bottled beverages and national standards. The shelf life of products has reached more than one year. The technology relies on a rational filling system design, a well-established package disinfection system and an air purification system, a comprehensive and thoughtful SIP system and a CIP system, and a complete production quality control management.

With the rapid development of China's beverage industry, the development of high-temperature filling lines for PET bottled beverages has become inevitable. The realization of the high speed of the temperature filling line for PET bottled beverages is not a simple device amplification. Compared with the conventional medium and low-speed production lines, innovations and breakthroughs have to be made in the sterilization of empty bottles before filling, and in the infusion bottle sterilizing processes and equipment after filling. After several years of unremitting research and exploration, Jiangsu Xinmeixing has made a breakthrough in the high-speed implementation of the temperature filling line for PET bottled beverages, and the overall equipment level is close to the current world advanced level.

1. Sterilization of empty bottles in medium- and low-speed production lines uses a conservative disinfectant filling, maintaining, and dumping method. This method has many equipment links and covers an area that is not suitable for the high-speed production line. It is necessary to optimize the sterilizing process of empty bottles and simplify the sterilizing equipment to meet the requirements for high-speed production lines. To this end, Jiangsu Xinmeixing cooperated with internationally renowned manufacturers of disinfecting fluids to replace disinfectant used earlier with safer, more efficient disinfectant and changed the sterilization process of the original packaging materials (bottles and caps). That is, the original disinfectant is poured, maintained, and dumped into a disinfectant spray. The empty bottle is sterilized by inserting the spray head into the bottle mouth to move the spray disinfectant, and is equipped with a highly efficient spray nozzle imported from the United States. The sterilization is thorough and safe. At the same time, the disinfectant consumption of the equipment is greatly reduced, which is only 1/3 of the original process consumption, and has great advantages in saving operating costs. This technology simplifies the package sterilization equipment, reduces the equipment footprint, and most importantly, it is more suitable for high-speed medium-temperature filling production lines. In addition, bottle sterilization is carried out in a closed environment. Microorganisms are easy to control, and the operating environment is fully improved. It is easier to centralize the recycling and disposal of waste gas, which is conducive to environmental protection. It can protect operators from the infringement of disinfectant to the greatest degree.

2. The bottle-down sterilization of medium and low-speed production lines adopts a conveyor belt method with a long bottle inversion time. This method covers an area of ​​large area and needs to be supplemented with artificially straightened bottles, which is not suitable for the automation and high-speed production lines. In order to meet the requirements of high-speed production lines, Xinmeixing has learned and adopted the inverted bottle sterilization chain mode of high-temperature filling production line. At the same time, in order to meet the sterilization time requirements of bottle caps, the spray cooling machine was designed as a spray sterilization machine to make up for Poor bottle sterilization time is insufficient to allow the product to be fully sterilized before cooling.

In addition, the key equipment for the entire production line (five-in-two sterilization, flushing, filling, and capping of empty bottles) has the following features:

Adopting the technology of direct connection between the air-feeding track and the in-wheel dial, the in-wheel dial adopts the newly designed bottle-neck clamping mechanism with the bottle-dividing function, which eliminates the bottle-in screw and the conveying chain. When replacing bottles, there is no need to replace and Adjust any part.

Source: Consumer Daily

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