Outdoor data network and Gore to create a new store alliance

Since the opening of the outdoor data network store alliance in March, 396 outdoor shops have been included. And now with the Gore alliance, all Gore authorized retailers, in the store alliance, there is a mark, please select the outdoor shop, look for this logo:

The certified stores are as follows:

Shenzhen Firefox
Shenzhen is my business
Shanghai Wildfire
Nanjing Stratosphere
Kunming people on the journey
Beijing Sanfu Outdoor
Beijing Brothers Even Outdoor
Beijing Changtian Times
Hangzhou wind and snow outdoor trot
Hangzhou Jiahe
Qingdao Power Peak
Shanghai Sunshine Outdoor
Changsha Creeper Outdoor
Snow on Beijing fly
Qingdao Red Yellow Blue outdoor
Nanjing Border City Outdoor
Beijing Outdoors Outdoor
Beijing Extreme Experience
Tianjin TEDA outdoor fashion outdoor shop

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