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The recent listing of the Hussar U2 (the price price of the article) has brought surprise to outdoor enthusiasts. This outdoor dedicated mini speaker is not only portable, but also can be used as a flashlight.


Outdoor special - Hussar U2

The Hussar U2 is the first outdoor mini speaker launched by the Hussars. Its built-in high-efficiency Class D amplifier can output up to 2.1W per channel in 4 battery-powered applications, which is more than 3 times that of conventional Class AB amplifiers. . Its split main and secondary speaker design maximizes stereo separation and allows outdoor users to enjoy perfect bass.

能当手电筒! 户外专用轻骑兵U2热卖能当手电筒! 户外专用轻骑兵U2热卖
能当手电筒! 户外专用轻骑兵U2热卖能当手电筒! 户外专用轻骑兵U2热卖
Similar to U10

Power supply Hussar U2 uses 4 AA batteries, which can last for up to 50 hours. When used at home, the U2 can connect to the supplied power adapter to charge while listening to the song.

能当手电筒! 户外专用轻骑兵U2热卖能当手电筒! 户外专用轻骑兵U2热卖
Outdoor mini speaker

It is worth mentioning that U2 also has a built-in ultra-high brightness white LED that can be used as a flashlight, and the included shockproof bag (pure cotton products) effectively ensures that the speaker is not broken.

能当手电筒! 户外专用轻骑兵U2热卖能当手电筒! 户外专用轻骑兵U2热卖
Outdoor special - Hussar U2

At present, the light cavalry U2 is priced at 350 yuan. This price is still very cost-effective for people who like outdoor sports. This is also the reason why this speaker is hot recently. Friends who like outdoor sports may wish to look at the past.

Open the package, when the first thing to see U2 speakers, cool black appearance, highlight the personality and fashion "tear" shape, could not help but want to put the speaker in the hand to play. U2's shell is made of metal materials and engineering plastics. The speaker is protected by spray iron mesh. Its structure is designed to ensure the robustness of the speaker cabinet. The main speaker feel heavy in his hand, the first feeling is that it is hard, not easy to damage, it is suitable for use in a variety of outdoor environments.

U2 uses a 3.5mm standard plug as the line input jack (LINE IN) of the speaker. Connect the MP3 to the 3.5mm dual-head audio cable that comes with the speaker package. Simply connect the MP3's headphone output to U2's line output (LINE IN). When climbing outdoors, you can only bring one main speaker. Put the MP3 and U2 speakers together in the U2 carrying case. Then place it in the side pocket of the backpack or attach the U2 carrying bag to an external bag and hang it on a backpack. Main speaker measurements: 65 * 65 * 110mm, very small, it is still very convenient to carry.

In terms of sound quality, the low frequency aspect is limited by the diameter of the speaker, and it is difficult to get low frequency shock when listening to rock music, and it is slightly insufficient in low frequency; however, it is more satisfactory when playing indoor music such as jazz. In addition, the vocal performance was also satisfactory. The voice line was clear, smooth and smooth, with no sense of dragging water. The vocal performance in the midrange is relatively thick and sweet, and the reduction is more real. In the high frequency performance, U2's extension is very good, transparent and penetrating.

I used to buy a small passive speaker in Zhongguancun more than 20 times, the sound quality is very rough, and the volume is naturally not large. Began to think that such a small speaker will not have a good performance. But wrong: U2 built-in high-efficiency digital amplifier, the output power is more than three times the traditional class amplifier. Get a large volume output on the mini box. Although the U2 speaker does not provide a volume adjustment function, you do not need to adjust the MP3 sound to the maximum to obtain unexpected loud sound effects. In the open air, adjust the volume of the MP3 to a moderate level, which can be heard in about three to forty meters. In an outdoor activity, a friend brought a flat-panel active portable speaker and inadvertently made a comparison. The effect was smaller than U2's volume, and the sound quality was obviously boring and not very transparent.

The red-hued portable bag, after being fitted with the U2's main speaker, was a bit of a can of Coca-Cola and was very eye-catching. U2's carrying case is made of waterproof material, light rain is still no problem. In several outdoor activities, the 4th and 5th Nanxun batteries continued to play on the move for more than 6 hours each time, and there were no battery replacements for 2 or 3 events. U2 is very power-efficient in terms of battery life, it also naturally save money: P. U2 speakers also have a more practical function when camping. The brightness of the power indicator light can be used as a small flashlight.

Several hill climbs take this portable small speaker. The songs prepared in the mp3 are all fast-paced, and they can start to climb and climb and climb to climb. However, a friend who climbs the mountain said that breathing has become rapid during the ascent. If the rhythm has been kept strong, it will give people a feeling of suffocation, and it will not breathe. Oh, it makes sense. There are also friends who say that they can think about problems while hiking. Think about it has been rhythm soothing, beautiful songs, light music is appropriate. Listening to music while climbing, especially in high-intensity activities, people do not feel tired when walking in the mountains. Once in the evening at the seaside, the donkeys sat around the campfire and played a song with soothing rhythm. The old song and some friends sang along with a whisper, accompanied by the sound of the waves. Although everyone did not speak much, the atmosphere was very harmonious. . Of course, the outdoor climbing process is also a time for everyone to communicate. If you play rock music loudly, the opportunity for everyone to communicate is less. Put some music down the hill to relax. When playing music at FB, let's listen to the background music and savor the taste of the mountain and the taste of the “outdoor bar”.

I bring U2 portable speakers every time I go outdoors. When melodious music drifts across the valley, she is accompanied by more fun and enjoyment outdoors.

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