UV printing system for flexible packaging products

The D series UV printing system developed and produced by Kodak Versamark Co., Ltd. in Dayton, Ohio, USA is a high-tech equipment specially used for flexible packaging printing. The DS4350 UV printing system is one of the best. This system has a variety of substrate printing capabilities, including almost all paper substrates, plastic substrates, flexible packaging substrates and cardboard substrates. The market positioning of this new product is that of those who are still using water-based inks. The DS4350 UV printing system has a 2.58 ft (6.55 cm) width, a print speed of 300 fpm (100 mpm), and a printing accuracy of 300 x 600 dpi. It is an integrated system consisting of a printing press, a control system, a transmission system, a UV curing system, a feeder, and an output system. Each of these subsystems has its own characteristics, which makes the DS4350 type UV printing. The system has the highest productivity and efficiency.

Reprinted from: Global Flexible Packaging Industry

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