Winter ski equipment collection

In the midwinter season, skiing has become one of the most popular recreational sports programs in the world. What are the equipments for skiing?

Ski board

The snow is soft, the heavier the weight, the deeper it sinks. The weight determines the length of the snowboard you use. The snowboard is long and has a large surface area and is less likely to fall into.

For example: height 175cm, weight 65kg, optional length 155~160cm snowboard. If the height is the same 175cm, and the weight is 85kg, we must choose about 160~165cm snowboard.

The long snowboard is suitable for a thick, snowy area where stability is good at high speeds and downhill, but requires a large radius of turn; short snowboards, quick response, suitable for hard snow areas, easy to jump and rotate, small transition radius.

Shoe rack

The shoe rack is an important accessory for fixing snow shoes and feet on the snowboard, and it also affects the control of the gliding action.

The installation and adjustment of the shoe rack is a very important task. If the installation is not properly adjusted, it will not only fail to play, but will also be very miserable. Beginners will also learn difficulties because of this.

When installing, first determine the standing position and direction (left foot in front or right foot first). Stand on the center of the snowboard and separate your feet. If your feet are too narrow, the balance will be poor. The station will be too wide and your knees will be overloaded and easily injured.

Snow shoes

There are two kinds of snow shoes: soft shoes and soft shoes. Soft shoes are the main ones. Hard shoes are usually used for high speeds.

A pair of good snow shoes must take into account waterproof, protection, aesthetics and comfort functions, while quick-release shoe racks also have quick release fittings at the bottom of snow shoes.

ski suit

The choice of skiwear is actually very important, but it is often overlooked. In fact, a set of ski suits not only allows you to play in the most vivid on the ski slope, but more importantly, it can play a protective role.

The shirt should be loose, the length of the sleeve should be slightly longer than the wrist after the arm is straightened upwards. The cuff should be necked and have adjustable elasticity. The collar should be an upright high collar opening to prevent the entry of pre-cooled air. The length of the trousers should be based on the length of the trousers and the length of the ankle. The underside of the trouser legs has a double layer structure, in which the inner layer has an elastic cuff with non-slip rubber, can be tightly stretched on the ski boots, and can effectively prevent snow from entering; the outer layer has a hard-wearing inner lining to prevent skis when skidding The boots bump into each other and cause the outer layer to break.

In short, a comfortable, beautiful ski suit plus your beautiful ski style will definitely give you a good enjoyment.

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