Stars' collection of perfume bottles

"I only wore Chanel No.5 at night," (Nothing but a little Channel No.5) Marilyn Monroe's words not only made Chanel No.5 noble and elegant, but also made this bottle of perfume for many years. Sit on the throne of world sales champions.

Actually, as Monroe said, when more and more people want to put on this "seductive fragrance" jacket, the door filled with perfumes of all kinds of wonderful tastes are also sent to these "rewarders". When they opened, the famous Hong Kong entertainer, Kokey Kwok, frankly admitted that it was the obsession of these fragrances that he began collecting specialized small perfume bottles from more than a decade ago. “The small bottles filled with perfume are not only cute and exquisite, but also Put it in the cabinet for decoration."

Lolita, who has collected more than 200 bottles of various perfumes, although not as much as Guo Keying has more than 10 years of collection experience, but Lolita is absolutely an ashes player in terms of perfume feelings and hobbies. In her words, her collection The perfume left in the cupboard, "Some are the attraction to the bottle, while others are the favorite for the fragrance."

Collection preferred limited edition

Even Jin Qiying Hou Shu Qi can hardly disguise her love of perfume. She said that her favorite perfumes often change according to mood and occasion. However, if you have to choose a favorite, DiorJ''adore is undoubtedly the best. The answer, "If you try, you will understand what I like about it." The classic fragrance and golden timeless shape are undoubtedly the reasons why DIOR is classic.

But Lolita said that if only because of the tempting taste or the perfume bottle and the purchase of perfume and a real "perfume player" there is a considerable distance, "because the collection of perfume is often those special edition perfume, and because of the version There is a huge difference in the difference in value."

Lolita told reporters that perfumes are generally divided into MINI editions, commemorative editions and normal editions, in which the Mini edition has the same design as genuine editions for perfume bottles, but the price is often not more than 50 yuan, so it is very popular, Lolita said. If purely for the collection of bottles, then these types of perfume bottles do cost a lot less, but also can store enough styles, "like a full range of DIOR full range of perfume, at least more than 10% more expensive than the original price."

In addition, special perfume bottle designs, such as the Daisy series of flower-shaped perfumes and classic perfumes like NO.5° perfumes, are very collectible. “Of course, if you can meet those already Discontinued or out-of-print perfumes will immediately be won, and the rare version itself will mean the value of the collection."

As a hardcore fan of perfumes, Lolita suggested that the best choice is to buy duty-free shops at the airport or some department stores abroad. It's not only easy to buy some commemorative or Mini editions of perfume, but also a lot cheaper than domestic ones. You can also admire hardcover versions of some brands, such as Lancome's clams, the Elmos' elephant relief crystal bottle, and more.

Double attraction of taste and perfume bottles

In fact, the perfume was originally designed to satisfy women's pursuit of fragrance. Regardless of age and identity, as long as the body emits a charming aroma, it seems to have fulfilled the woman's dream of perfume.

Today's perfumes, however, not only have an ever-changing taste that attracts thousands of women, but their unique bottles are also at first sight. “Like this Bruno Banani Woman's perfume, actually the taste is not so intoxicating. I have rarely used it so far. The reason I keep it in my collection is that the most important factor is the unique design of the bottle. And it's an out of print.” Lolita said frankly.

For lovers of perfume collections, the taste and bottle are often the “twin sisters” that are difficult for perfumes to discard. Even global fashion men like David Beckham cannot resist the temptation to live with perfume.

Soon after he got acquainted with Victoria, Beckham received a carefully tailored perfume for men, worth 30,000 pounds. The fragrance was made from the essence of 170 flowers all over the world. The mellow scent was strong, and the bottle was in line with Beckham's. The identity of the star is to create the shape of the boots. At the same time, pure gold and large diamonds are used as decorative embellishments. The entire bottle of perfume looks magnificent and luxurious. For Beckham, it's hard to say whether the perfume captured him or if Victoria captured him. What is certain is that after receiving this gift, the bottle of perfume Beckham has always been carried, and his feelings with Victoria are also Increasing day by day.

Unfortunately, for most people, the chance of receiving such a single bottle of perfume is almost zero, but this does not affect collectors' enthusiasm for perfumes. This year, only 23 years old Susan is only one year old. The collector of the perfume, Anna Sui and her limited edition Harajuku dolls neatly lined up in two rows on her dressing table. "As for this Harajuku doll, my favorite thing is the design of the bottle. I didn't care about the taste. Now, The whole series has already gone 10, and I only bought three, hoping to collect all the series in the future."

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