When using UV car wash water to wash car, how to improve the printing plate's net drop problem?

After the printing plates, blankets, and rollers are scrubbed with UV car wash water, the image information on the plate cannot be completely transferred and copied to the substrate when the printing is continued. The printing phenomenon that the printed image is partially lost or the dots are missing is displayed. . Since the final printed image is expressed as the percentage of dots on the substrate is lower than the percentage of image dots on the corresponding plate, the industry customarily generally refers to the printing plate “off screen”.

The reason for the phenomenon of “printing off” of the printing plate may theoretically be that the ink transferred from the ink roller to the printing plate is not good, so that the image dots of the printing plate are poorly inked, or the ink on the transfer plate of the blanket may be bad. The ink that has caused the transfer to the substrate is poor; it may also be due to the fact that the image on the plate is partially worn, resulting in ineffective ink transfer. The main reason for the problem of the “printing off” problem of the general printing plate is the poor ink transfer of the ink roller and the blanket, and it is more due to the change of the printability of the rubber material caused by the corrosiveness of the UV ink. The UV offset printing ink is composed of unsaturated acrylic monomers or prepolymers, which have different properties from traditional oxide conjunctiva drying inks (mainly alkyd esters). The unsaturated acrylic monomer of UV offset printing ink has strong corrosion, which can cause the erosion and expansion of the synthetic rubber such as ink roller, blanket, etc., thereby causing the outer dimensions, elasticity and elasticity of the ink roller and the blanket. Drop, making poor transfer of UV ink. The consequence of poor printing ink transfer must be the loss of part of the dots in the printed image, resulting in loss of print quality and color quality deviation.

To avoid the problem of "net drop" of printing plates after scrubbing the ink roller and blanket with UV car wash water, the solution is to use a UV car wash water that is suitable for UV ink cleaning to completely wash the ink on the ink roller and blanket, avoiding Erosion of ink rollers and blankets by unsaturated acrylic monomers in UV inks. If the selected UV car wash water is not suitable, it will not only cause continuous damage to the rubber structure of the UV ink on the ink roller and the blanket, but also cause a lot of waste of cleaning materials, which will have an adverse effect on the printing quality and printing efficiency. .

In recent years, UV inks have become more widely used in offset printing because the printability of UV inks is superior to ordinary offset inks. However, the characteristics of UV inks different from ordinary offset inks have not been fully understood by printers, and various UV printing failures have occurred. Only by fully understanding the printability of ink rollers and blankets used in UV printing, and understanding the UV car wash water suitable for their use, can the problem of “net drop out” of printing plates be avoided. At present, there are many brands of UV car wash water on the market, but their performance and price are different. The printers should learn through investigation and selection and use the high quality brand UV car wash water that is suitable for the ink roller and blanket used by the company.

Such as manroland's printcom Purdant brand UV car wash water and magicpix Manmark brand W300 UV ink cleaner, suitable for all types of automatic cleaning system, with a quick cleaning effect, can quickly remove the ink roller and blanket stains , reduce downtime, but also applies to the traditional ink roller system cleaning and manual cleaning. The use of high quality brand car wash water not only helps to restore the rubber surface properties, giving it better ink transfer performance, exceptionally strong anti-corrosion properties, but also prolongs the life of the blanket and ink roller. In addition, high-quality products also comply with the EU RoHS environmental standards, do not contain harmful or irritating ingredients, non-toxic, low odor, taking into account the health of workers and the safety of the working environment.

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