Platycladus greening

Arborvitae has an indispensable position in landscaping. It can be used for walkways, pavilions, sides of the gates, green areas, roadside flower beds and wall coverings, both inside and outside. The seedlings can be hedged, and the fences are dotted with walls. It is a commonly used plant in urban greening. The arborvitae has strong endurance to dirty air. It is planted in the urban street and on the roadside. It grows well, does not obstruct the line of sight, absorbs sharp angstroms, and purifies the air arborescens under the window. Beside the door, it is very embellished. Summer green holly, no shading line, does not obstruct the view, especially in the snow. The arborvitae is planted in lawns, flower beds, rocks and forests to increase the level of greening and enrich the aesthetics. Its pollution-resistance, cold-resistance and drought-tolerant characteristics are well played in the greening of the north. In Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Liaoning and other provinces and cities, there are many excellent cases of using arborvitae greening. The arborvitae is one of the preferred seedlings for greening roads and greening barren hills. The use of arborvitae, as a green seedling, has the advantages of low cost, high survival rate of transplanting, and wide supply.

Can be produced by processed aluminum, forged aluminum or die-cast aluminum.

Different thickness can be available


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A double layered, non-stick coating reduces the need for as much oil or fat while cooking and makes cleaning up afterwards a hassle free experience.

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Grill Pan

Grill Pan

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