What kind of material should be used for KTV soundproof walls?

The economical and practical first choice is 2/4 red brick wall and cement wall on both sides. This partition wall must be built to the top. If you need to go through the ventilation duct or other wiring, you should punch the hole. You should pay attention to the sealing problem of the pipeline. Otherwise, crosstalk can also occur. Followed by sound insulation wall panels, this material is a professional sound insulation material, on both sides is a foamed plastic with sound insulation in the middle of the metal sheet, the greater the thickness of this wall board, the better the sound insulation effect. In some places, due to the problem of weight, it is not possible to use brick walls or other wall-building methods. Only light steel keel gypsum board can be used. It is recommended to add a layer of harder cement board to the outside of the gypsum board. The appearance of the cement board is the same as that of the gypsum board (the size is similar), but the hardness is much higher than that of the gypsum board. It is a good sound insulation material. It should be noted that the construction process is problematic, especially the part of the gap must be sealed.

Sound insulation check method: Normally deliver music in a room, measure the attenuation of sound at one meter at the door. For example, the sound pressure level in the room is 90dB , and the sound pressure level measured at one meter outside the room is 60 dB. This means that the sound is 30 dB .

Door handle of the room decoration is also a difficult problem, deal with the studio door is professional, good sound insulation, but the cost is high, usually a soundproof door of the price varies from 4 to 5 thousand dollars, as many as On the million. At present, it is more practical to use a one-piece molding door and a sealing strip on the side of the door. The sound insulation effect of the door closer is not bad (relative to the ordinary door).

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