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After the May holiday, the outbound tourism market began to enter a “low season”. At this time, it is a good time for Southeast Asian countries to visit. In addition to staggering the crowds, enjoying the sun, understanding the tranquil beaches and exotic customs, visitors can also get exciting upgrades of the “diving” price and travel quality.

During the Thailand Travel Month, Thailand Tourism Month, May-June, which was launched in May to June, the theme activity “Taiwan Cost-Effectiveness” not only gave new “very” games to Thailand, Thailand, Phuket, Chiang Mai and other seven travel routes, but also The concession also "to force" full. During the event, the company will accumulatively make profits of 1 million, and each person will directly drop 200 yuan, and each line will be given 5 different gifts in different forms such as hotel upgrades, free self-paying, upgraded cuisine, and island tours.

UTS Tourism Launches Thai Tourism Month in May-June - "Taiwan Deals"

At the price of 3,880 yuan, the “Gold Thai Legend, Thai Land, and Salome 6 Days” line covers not only the Grand Palace, the Thai Boxing Park, the Buddhist Temple of the Tree, the Cabaret Show, and other classic attractions or programs, but also exclusively arranges the “Boom Laugh Railway”. "Market" Wonders, accommodation is also upgraded to 2 nights of Thai resort hotels and international five-star hotels. Imagine how perfect and cozy it is to enjoy the beautiful night scenery outside the window in a comfortable hotel room. What is even more gratifying is that UTS Travel also presented a thousand-dollar, self-financed tour of Thailand's most popular resort towns—Amphawa and Koh Same, making it a worthwhile experience for tourists.

Of course, the “Top Thai Legend of Thailand, a place on the 6th” line also had to say that during this time, it will take a boat directly to ASIATIQUE, the largest night market in Asia. Visitors can enjoy a tour of 1,500 boutique shops and taste Thai cuisine. In addition, regular shemale performances will also be upgraded to Gold Tony Simon Cabaret. In particular, don’t forget to look for the “Rookie Beauty” lady demon ROSE in the “Taiwan” movie on the show floor.

When you come to Phuket, Thailand, you will know why people call it “Jungle Island”

In terms of island tours, the “Golden Phuket Kola 6th” will be upgraded to a five-star hotel with no expenses incurred at its own expense, and a gift package worth 3,980 yuan will be presented to attract consumers’ attention. Visitors can enjoy the sunshine in the size of the island of PP, on the white sand beach and lover stroll, dance in the clear water and colorful fish, all the fun in it. While rafting in the Koala Park of “Birds of Birds and Birds”, the birds that pass by the mountains and the top of the head in layers will surprise visitors with the wonders of the Creator.

And Chiang Mai, known as the Rose of the North of Thailand, will also appear in the island line. The “Thailand, Thailand, Chiang Mai, Phuket on the 8th” price starting from 7,680 yuan is to appreciate the beauty of the “brilliant” island and the “Yaotu” scenery. Combined, visitors can experience the breeze between the bays on Phuket's famous lover's beach, and explore the animals' habits at Chiang Mai Night Safari. In addition, there are "five-star Phuket International Le Méridien vacation 7 days" and "Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore 11 days" and other routes for tourists to choose.

Taken together, the seven activity lines with prices ranging from 3880 to 7680 yuan not only fulfilled the perfect scenery of Thailand's scenery, but also had a quality upgrade in terms of food, accommodation, and own expenses. It is believed that tourists who love Thailand will find travel surprises that exceed expectations in the “Taiwan Budget” activity (http://) of the U.S. Tourism website.

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