In the next 3-5 years, the overall wardrobe market will appear blowout

After the development of the world's overall wardrobe, it has gradually formed the four major schools: the overall wardrobe of the French system focuses on romantic art; the Italian system focuses on design style; the German system focuses on standardization; and the Defiya system is known for its simple standard humanity.

The overall wardrobe has only entered the Chinese family for about ten years. The time for the whole wardrobe industry in China to form an industry is not long. With the domestic consumption of Chinese people in recent years, they began to pay attention to the overall life art of the home. People like to add more in the home. Independent creativity and features, the bedroom is the core of life, the overall wardrobe and walk-in cloakroom are increasingly favored by the family.

The advantage of the whole wardrobe is that it will be tailor-made, mechanized production, space saving, stylish and elegant combination, can be designed according to the needs of each person, after being put into the home, the feeling of forming the wardrobe into the wall, not only can be cut inside It can be used as a hanging space and a space for the top space. Through the choice of the color of the wardrobe sliding door, the integration of the whole wardrobe and furniture, the wardrobe and other furniture use the same material and color of wood, and the whole room decoration is integrated.

At present, the overall wardrobe enterprises in China are mainly concentrated in the four major regions of Anhui, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. These major regions have led the development of the overall wardrobe industry in China in terms of design, service and management. With the development of the overall wardrobe industry, in recent years, Defiya, Sophia, Haolaike, Stanley, Tinggu and other well-known professional wardrobe enterprises have emerged in the market and become the leader in the industry.

According to market research data, the overall wardrobe ownership rate in urban households in China is only 6.8%, which is far lower than the average of 72% in developed countries. But what is gratifying is that about 29% of urban households say they will purchase the whole wardrobe in the next 3 to 5 years. According to estimates by industry experts, in the future consumption of urban home improvement, the renovation cost of the hall will account for more than 80%, and the cabinet will account for 90% of this cost. Experts predict that China's overall wardrobe market will have a "blowout" phenomenon in the next three to five years. In the next five years, China will have tens of millions of sets of overall wardrobe furniture market capacity, an average of millions of sets per year, if the average is 30,000 yuan per set, the wardrobe accounts for 60% of the cost, only the wardrobe each year There is a market space of 400 billion yuan.

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