Crown special Danish style Princess bedroom wardrobe pink and lovely

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Every little girl has a princess dream in her heart. Have you ever dressed up as a cute little princess when you were young? Put on a pink lace tutu and wear cute jewelry, noble temperament Mary Jane shoes. . The prevalence of the retro style makes the girls' princess feelings have a reason for catharsis. You may choose some pink home accessories, turn your room into a palace where the princess lives, transform your dreams into home furnishings, and easily create your own. Pink Princess House. Today, the tester introduces you to a princess series bedroom combination produced by the Crown Danish style. The little girl and the big girl are all suitable. Let’s take a closer look!

Wardrobe evaluation

This bedroom combination, like its name, shows a romantic and lovely princess feeling. The modern design style has a slightly simple European style, the lines are simple and generous, and the pink and pure white colors match the feminine qualities, just like the little princess's boudoir.

Material technology:

1. New Zealand pine wood lines

Bedroom closet

This product is a combination of wood and wood, which can minimize the cost and improve the cost performance under the premise of ensuring product quality. The lines of the wardrobe and bookcase are made of New Zealand pine wood, and the details of Jane's style are exquisitely carved and three-dimensional, which is very beautiful.

2, high-quality MDF, surface paint treatment

Crown special Danish wardrobe

Inferior furniture contains free formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene and other harmful chemicals that will seriously affect people's health, but the products produced by the Crown Danish style are very environmentally friendly. The door and drawer panel of this product are all made of environmentally-friendly high-quality MDF, and the adhesives and paints used in the production process are strictly controlled to prevent the use of all environmentally-friendly materials, so it can be said that it is 100% guaranteed. The health of the princess. The surface of the furniture is painted and painted in a variety of colors. The matte finish is smooth and even, and it has no burrs and feels good.

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