The advantages of water-based inks in the printing industry

The production of water-based ink is not the same as that of ink, so its method of sale is also different. The ink is sold as a product ink. If the ink's color saturation is not enough, it can only be used in the deep version, which is not only time-consuming, but also increased. Consumption of ink, and the sale of water-based inks, in addition to ink products, printing companies can also purchase colorants from water-based ink manufacturers.

The use of ink printing needs 40μ or more printing plates, the printing area is only about 100 square meters. Shanghai printing a medium-sized printing company, such as the monthly ink consumption of 10 tons, the end of the same amount of printing, the use of water-based ink to print only 5.5-6.5 tons can be used.
The uniform price of water-based ink is 30 yuan/KG, which is equivalent to 180,000 yuan to complete the equal amount of printing. The printing company can save 1 million yuan in data in one year. This is the amount of ink consumed by everyone. The above comparison is not difficult to see that the amount of ink consumption is crucial. Summarized accounting products can make the company invent more economic benefits.

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