Metallurgical microscope use method and daily maintenance

Metallographic microscope is an important optical instrument used to observe the internal structure of metal. It is the main experimental instrument for casting raw material analysis and mechanical processing incoming material inspection and finished product tissue defect analysis. The metallographic microscope is applicable to a wide range of fields. For example, the positive reflection metallographic microscope can be widely used in the electronics, chemical and instrumentation industries to observe opaque substances, such as metal ceramics, integrated circuit electronic chips, printed circuit boards, liquid crystal panels, solar silicon Sheet suede, fiber, plating and other expensive metal materials, etc.

How to use metallurgical microscope:

1According to the required magnification required for observing the sample, the objective lens and eyepiece are correctly selected and installed on the objective lens holder and the eyepiece tube respectively.

2. Adjust the center of the stage to the center of the objective lens, place the prepared sample in the center of the stage, and the observation surface of the sample should face down.

3. Plug the light bulb of the microscope into a low-voltage transformer (6 ~ 8V), and then plug the transformer into a 220V power socket to make the light bulb shine.

4. Turn the coarse focus handwheel to lower the stage so that the specimen observation surface is close to the objective lens; then turn the coarse focus knob in the opposite direction to raise the stage so that the blurred image can be seen in the eyepiece, and finally turn the fine adjustment Focus the handwheel until the image is clear.

5. Properly adjust the aperture diaphragm and the field diaphragm, and select the appropriate filter lens. In order to obtain the ideal image.

6. Move the stage forward, backward, left, and right to observe the different parts of the sample in order to fully analyze and find the most representative microstructure.

7. The power supply should be cut off in time after observation. To extend the life of the lamp.

8. After the experiment, the objective lens and eyepiece should be carefully unloaded and checked for dust and other contamination. If there is any contamination, it should be wiped clean with lens paper in time and then placed in a desiccator to prevent moisture and mildew. The dust cover should also be covered at any time.

Daily maintenance of metallographic microscope:

1. The laboratory shall have three conditions, namely moisture proof, dust proof and shock proof.

2. The power supply should use 220V, 50hz temperature requirements: 0 degrees to 40 degrees

3. When adjusting the focal length, be careful not to allow the objective lens to touch the specimen to avoid scratching the objective lens.

4. The brightness adjustment should not be large or small, nor too bright. This will not only affect the life of the bulb, but also damage your eyesight.

5. Do not switch the objective lens when the position of the remote control center of the stage gasket is far from the center of the objective lens to avoid scratching the objective lens

6. All (function) switching, the action should be light and in place.

7. Turn off the brightness to the minimum when shutting down.

8. Non-professionals should not adjust the lighting system (filament position lamp), so as not to affect the image quality.

9. Pay attention to high temperature when replacing halogen lamps to avoid burns. Be careful not to directly touch the glass body of the halogen lamp with your hands.

10. When the camera is not in use, adjust the objective lens to the lowest state by adjusting the focal length mechanism

11. When the machine is not in use, do not cover the dust cover immediately, and then cover it after cooling down. Pay attention to fire prevention.

12. Place infrequently used optical components in a drying dish.

13. Non-professionals should not try to wipe the objective lens and other optical components. The eyepiece can be wiped with absorbent cotton dipped in a mixture of absolute alcohol and ether in a ratio of 1 to 1 for wiping. Do not use other liquids to avoid damage to the eyepiece.

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