The details determine the top 10 details of the cloakroom

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The cloakroom can make you look new, or you can quietly "destroy" you, some small problems, you may not have noticed, how to make your underwear invisible in your wardrobe without leaving a trace What about the traces? The L-shaped, U-shaped, and one-line cloakrooms are a good helper to drive away wrinkles due to their huge storage capacity and detailed storage design. The following small series for you to analyze the 10 major functions of the cloakroom, let you control freely.

Cloakroom design

1. Lifting clothes rail: Adjustable lifting clothes rail makes it easier to hang clothes and eliminate creases.

2. Foldable storage box: store the season, not often wear clothing.

3. Built-in chest of drawers: accommodate T-shirts and knitted items.

4. Uncovered drawers: fold into shirts of the same size, with the flat side facing out, saving space.

5. Rotating basket: can store a large amount of clothing, and can even replace drawers and storage boxes.

6. Three-dimensional shoe rack wardrobe: the shoes are often placed neatly, and it is convenient to match clothes.

7. Side pull shoe rack: It can not only rub the shoes on the inner side of the shoe area, but also enjoy it as a display stand.

8. Divided drawer: avoids the extrusion of clothes, unique protective design makes each dress smooth and comfortable.

9. Splitter design: Separate the space as needed, suitable for small items such as accessories.

10. Non-slip-proof trousers rack: The trousers will not slip easily, and there will be no hanging marks on the trousers.

Side Table

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