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Children's shoes that are being decorated may know Nobel tiles. As one of the top ten brands of tiles, Nobel tiles have a good reputation. However, there are many brands of tiles. It is really not an easy thing to want to understand each brand carefully. Today The editor will do homework for everyone. Let me introduce you to the Nobel tile.

Nobel tile brand introduction:

Hangzhou Nobel Group Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded enterprise established in Hangzhou in 1992. It continuously creates perfect quality spaces with humanized "Nobel" products. By the end of 2011, the group company had a total investment of US $ 430 million, covering an area of ​​more than 3800 acres, a plant area of ​​800,000 square meters, and more than 11,000 employees. The annual production scale is about 48 million square meters. , The favor of consumers in Africa and other countries.

The development history of Nobel:

Over the years, the company has carried out extensive technical cooperation and exchanges while strengthening its R & D strength, and actively cooperated with the world's top process equipment manufacturers, raw material suppliers, well-known design companies, ceramic research institutes, etc., taking the lead in the world Many innovative tile products have been developed, providing people with a variety of living enjoyment. The flagship Nobel products have successively won the "non-toxic (green) interior decoration materials", "Baiqian B & Q Best Service Award", "Top Ten Influential Brands in China", " Top ten favorite home brands, "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification", "Consumer's Most Trusted Preferred Brand", "China's Most Valuable Brand" and many other honors. Novel, rich and constantly innovative Nobel products have become the Central Military Commission Building, the General Administration of Quality Supervision Office Building, the Great Hall of the People, the State Bureau of Letters and Calls, the Olympic Basketball Stadium, the Shanghai Olympic Garden, Tianjin Dafanhua International Center, and the Zhejiang World Trade The center, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Antarctic Zhongshan Station, Shanghai World Expo venues and many other well-known buildings are the preferred brands.

How about the quality of Nobel tiles-color

Judging from the sales of Nobel tiles on the market, there are still many patterns and color classifications. In simple terms, there are solid color series, color series, mosaic series and printing series, etc., for different decoration users can have different choices to create a more refined decoration life.

How about the quality of Nobel tiles-specifications

As one of the current major ceramic tile brands, Nobel tiles have very high specifications. In the process of actual production and processing, it pays more attention to quality. The tiles that can be provided now are more flat from the size specification and the edge correction, which are suitable for modern home decoration needs.

How about the quality of Nobel tiles-craftsmanship

Nobel tile has its own complete processing and production team. In the actual production of ceramic tiles, the process quality requirements are very high. Whether it is glazed or thickness, it has been carefully designed and considered. Its thickness is relatively guaranteed, greatly reducing the water absorption rate, ensuring the long-term use of ceramic tiles, and the quality is more reliable.

How about the quality of Nobel tiles-size

Judging from the current sales of Nobel tiles, the sizes of tiles that can be provided are different, supporting the needs of different users to choose suitable tile products. In addition, there are detailed classifications of different sizes of products themselves. For those in need, they can choose on the spot and choose the tile products that suit them.

How about the quality of Nobel tiles-after sales

In the ceramic tile industry, Nobel tiles can become a very good choice for users, not only related to the quality of their own tiles, but also to their perfect after-sales service. In order to protect the actual purchase benefits of users, Nobel tile has formed its own perfect after-sales service form. If there are any problems, we support you to solve them for the first time to ensure the actual purchase benefits.

product price:

There are many varieties of Nobel tiles, and there are also many prices. Today I will select several products to introduce their prices:

Editor's summary: It is relatively good to say the quality of Nobel tiles. For users in need, they can easily choose the tile products that suit them. Of course, as a more reliable brand tile, its price is relatively fair and affordable. When buying, you can budget according to your needs, contact the brand manufacturer to ensure that you choose the right product.

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