Instructions for operation of rotary evaporator vacuum distillation

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. develops the Hao Zhuang (LNB) brand rotary evaporator, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable. Different from ordinary evaporators, the rotary evaporator does not involve the process of "boiling", and the solution components can be collected smoothly. Of course, the evaporator used for general pressure reduction and low temperature evaporation can also be used. Distilled water has special equipment for making distilled water. The principle seems to be ion exchange, which can obtain deionized water with high purity. If it is a specialized distilled water device, there are also. Relatively speaking, the structure is relatively simple, and the price is much cheaper than that of rotary steamer and pure water purifier. This device is sometimes used to purify deionized water to obtain double distilled water. Distilled water is generally not made by rotary steaming. The evaporator is used in laboratory research, chemical production laboratory testing, medical inspection, etc. in the scientific research and production processes of medicine, chemical industry, biological products and other industries. Evaporation, concentration, crystallization, drying, separation, solvent recovery and other processes are essential. Indispensable equipment. Under the negative pressure of the rotary evaporator, the evaporation bottle rotates in a constant temperature water bath, and the solution forms a film on the wall of the bottle to increase the evaporation area. Efficient evaporation at low temperature, condensation recovery, concentration and separation of materials.

Rotary evaporator vacuum distillation operation use: Some customers call the rotary evaporator for the operation procedure of the vacuum distillation experiment, which is specially organized as follows: 1. Connect the hose to the condensate faucet, and connect the vacuum hose to the vacuum pump. 2. Inject water into the heating tank first. It is best to use pure water, tap water should be left for 1-2 days before use. 3. Adjust the angle of the main machine: just loosen the connecting screw between the main machine and the column. The host can be tilted arbitrarily between 0-45 degrees. 4. Connect the condensed water, connect the power supply 220V / 50Hz, connect the evaporating bottle to the host (do not let go), turn on the vacuum pump to reach a certain degree of vacuum and release your hand. 5. Adjust the height of the main machine: press down the pressure bar at the bottom of the heating tank, adjust the arc left and right so that it reaches the appropriate position, and then you can reach the desired height by hand away from the pressure bar. 6. Turn on the speed control switch, the green light is on, adjust the speed knob beside its left side, and the evaporation bottle starts to rotate. Turn on the temperature adjustment switch, the green light is on, adjust the temperature adjustment knob beside its left side, the heating tank starts automatic temperature control heating, and the instrument enters the trial operation. Once the temperature and vacuum are within the required range, the solvent can be evaporated to the receiving bottle. 7. After the evaporation is completed, first turn off the speed control switch and the temperature control switch, press the lower pressure lever to raise the host, then turn off the vacuum pump, and open the vent valve above the condenser to let it communicate with the atmosphere, remove the evaporation bottle, and the evaporation process ends .

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1). Heater: (controlled separately) A. Heater separately Set different temperature according material forming demand to insure product quality. Adjusted the voltage of heater by AC voltage meter which can insures the heater temperature steady and save power. B. Change the heater units fleetly. And it is economical for maintain because it only need change part units.

2). Controlling the heater unit separately can short the heating time and economize energy and improve product quality and reduce cost.

3). Adjustable frame: The side size clamping can be adjusted as the working required.

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