3·15 home store launch big promotion

The annual “3.15 Consumer Rights Day” has always been a good time for the promotion and promotion of various brands in the home market. The new house "cake" that was handed over at the end of the year has not yet been robbed. At this time, the home building materials dealers and home improvement enterprises in the capital can sit and watch, and the battle to seize the market this spring has already started. Recently, major home stores and home improvement companies such as Home House and Jinrui Home have already launched promotional cards.

Business promotion is busy

The “3·15” consumer rights activity day is approaching, and the propaganda campaigns of various home brands are on the verge. Recently, the actual home played from March 8th to March 23rd, the audience went straight down 15%, the pre-existing maximum enjoys another 97% off, plus WeChat wins the gift, the home trade-in subsidy 5% and other promotional activities. The reporter saw that in addition to the promotional activities of the store, various building materials brands have played their own activities, such as TOTO, Jiu Mu and other ceramic sanitary wares.

"3·15" Integrity Gift Huiwan, decoration I am the owner, happy DIY, March 15th - 16th, Jinrui Home launched a special offer, send gold, send furniture, surprises, punctual news five-fold discount.

A brand floor dealer told reporters that this year's promotion activities are about one and a half months around March 15th. At present, most merchants use direct discounts or price cuts to facilitate the promotion, and the discounts are more straightforward than in previous years. some". Taking the floor as an example, the price of the special product is sold at a price of 3-5 fold on the basis of the original price, and other products are also sold at a price lower than the original price. The consumer has a large space and a lot of benefits.

Home products hit "good faith card"

For a long time, the quality of products in the home market has been mixed, and the lack of protection for home consumption. In the eyes of consumers who feel that they are struggling to protect their rights on weekdays, the “3·15 Rights Day” undoubtedly has special significance. Many home improvement companies will also launch their own events at this time.

From March 15th to 16th, the city people launched the "Integrity Escort Thanksgiving, Relief Home Decoration" campaign, the offer is simple, honest! Quality assurance, rest assured! Refused to kickback, peace of mind! The project will never subcontract, worry! The theme of honesty and propaganda.

Ms. Xue, who is buying materials for the renovation of new houses, admits that before the renovation, she has been paying attention to the market conditions and reputation of home products. Many things have long been fancy, and when I think of “3·15”, most businesses will Introducing various promotions, at this time, the purchase of materials and products will get a lot of benefits. There are many consumers who think like her. They think that the most important thing is to buy with confidence. After all, “3·15” is the day for consumers to protect their rights. Most merchants will naturally pay attention to the brand effect.

Consumers should not blindly follow suit

"For home decoration is a bottomless pit, how much money can be loaded!" Ms. Chen, who just renovated her new home last year, said. "A lot of people in the home decoration are outsiders, especially young people after 80s and 90s. Do you have to remember what you really need? For example, normal decoration should use your own spending power and living habits to grasp the cost of decoration and The layout of each functional area, rather than blindly comparing 'follow-up consumption', although there are many discounted home products during the holiday season, but it is not applicable, but also consider the 'comprehensive price/performance ratio'. Whether choosing a home improvement company or buying a home Building materials, we must keep our minds clear and rational during the holiday season, don't be greedy and cheap, and make rational consumption."

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