What should you pay attention to when purchasing an electric wardrobe in the e-commerce era?

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] The development of the Internet has brought convenience to various economic activities. Today, online shopping is in line with the pace of modern people's life, and now furniture online shopping is also favored by some people, but other online Like shopping, there are many problems with online custom wardrobes . Therefore, consumers who want to customize the wardrobe on the Internet must polish their eyes to avoid damage to their own interests. Here are some tips for checking the wardrobe customization on the Internet.

Wardrobe plate

What should you pay attention to when purchasing an electric wardrobe in the e-commerce era?

Is the wardrobe material reasonable?

Different wardrobes have different surface materials. For example, the legs of tables, chairs and cabinets require hardwoods, which are relatively strong and can bear the weight, while the internal materials can be made of other materials; the thickness of the large wardrobe legs is 2.5 cm, which is too thick and easy to bend. Deformation; kitchen and bathroom cabinets can not be made of fiberboard, but should be used with plywood, because the fiberboard will be damaged by water; the table should be washable. It was found that the wood had insect eyes and dropped, indicating that the drying was not complete. After checking the surface, open the door and drawer door to see if the inner material is rotten. You can use your fingernail to lick it. If you break it in, it means that the inner material is decaying. After opening the door, smell it with your nose. If it is nose, glare, or tears, it means that the formaldehyde content in the glue is too high and it will be harmful to the human body.

Special note: The common wardrobes in the market are mainly divided into solid wood wardrobes and panel wardrobes. Now, pure solid wood wardrobes are not mainstream because of their high price. 1. Solid wood veneer wardrobe: The main components of the wardrobe are solid wood (table, chair legs), and the base material of the large surface is also a wood-based panel. It is only a layer of 1MM thick veneer on the surface of the wood-based panel, and then painted. The visual effects and tactile effects are very similar to solid wood, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to recognize. At present, most of them look like solid wood wardrobes, and everyone must pay attention to distinguish. 2, panel wardrobe: This kind of wardrobe is the mainstream of the current market, simple processing, materials, manufacturing costs, environmental protection is relatively good, the price is relatively cheap. The so-called board refers to wood-based panels, and there are many types of wood-based panels. The main panels used in the wardrobe are particleboard, fiberboard, and plywood. The surface of the wood-based panel is melamine-coated with melamine paper; the phenolic impregnated paper becomes the famous "fireproof board"... It should be noted that this medium-density board is not suitable for the cabinet.

Whether the wardrobe structure is firm

Small wardrobes, such as chairs, stools, hangers, etc., can be dragged on the concrete floor when picking, gently falling and falling, the sound is crisp, indicating that the quality is good; if the sound is dumb, there is a murmur in the slap, indicating that the eyes are combined Not tight, the structure is not strong. The table can be shaken by hand to see if it is stable. The sofa can sit and sit. If you sit on the move, you will slam, and when you shake it, it will be nailed and it will take a long time. Special note: square legs, tables, chairs and other legs should have 4 triangular clips, which can be used for fixing. When you choose, you can look over the table and chair. The cloth chair can be touched by hand.

The veneer closet is not strict

Whether it is veneer veneer, PVC or pre-painted paper, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the leather is flat, whether there is drum, foaming or not. It is necessary to check the seams clearly under sufficient light. The ash veneer veneer veneer is more susceptible to damage and can only be used for two years. In the case of wood veneers, the veneered veneers are better than the chopped ones. The way to identify the two is to look at the pattern of the wood. The wood texture of the cut veneer is straight and dense, and the veneered veneer pattern is curved and sparse. The particleboard veneer closet, the ground part must be edged, and the unsealed board will absorb moisture, swell and damage. Generally, the corners of the veneer close to the corners are easy to tilt up. When picking, you can use your hand to rub the corners. If you get up, it will be a problem with the glue.

Whether the four feet of the wardrobe are flat

The four feet of the closet are flat, and the wardrobe is placed on the flat ground and you will know. Some wardrobes have only three legs to land, and the stability is definitely not good. Also look at the desktop is straight, can not bow back or collapse, if the table is raised, the glass plate will be rotated to turn; if the table is recessed, the glass plate will be crushed by a pressure. In addition, we must also pay attention to the inspection of the cabinet door, the slit of the drawer should not be too large, we must pay attention to the horizontal and straight, the door can not sag.

Is the wardrobe edge flat?

The edge is not flat, indicating that the inner material is wet, and the seal will fall off in a few days. The edge banding should also be rounded and not straight at right angles. The edges sealed with wood strips tend to get wet or crack. The wardrobe with the plywood package is nailed with nails. Pay attention to whether the nail holes are flat and the color of the nail holes is consistent with other places. Usually the nails are sealed with putty. Pay attention to whether the putty is bulging. If it is bulging, it will not work. Slowly, the putty will fall out from the inside.

Mirror wardrobe should take a photo

Choose a wardrobe with mirrors, such as a dressing table, a mirror, and a mirror. Take care of it and see if the mirror is deformed. Check if there is a liner and backboard in the mercury at the back of the mirror. Qualified, no paper, no, otherwise the mercury will be worn away.

The paint part should be smooth

The paint part of the wardrobe should be smooth and flat, not wrinkled, flawless, etc. The corners are not straight at right angles, and the straight edges are prone to slag and paint. The inside of the door of the closet should also be painted with a lacquer. The non-painted board is easy to bend and not beautiful. Special note: Be sure to check that the door lock switch is not working; the big cabinet should be equipped with 3 hidden hinges, and some can only be installed with 2; the upper 3 silks, some cut corners, only one screw, use Will fall.

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