Heidelberg introduces Stahlfolder TH/KH series folding machine

Heidelberg introduces the high-performance, standardized TH/KH series of folding machines, which reflect the perfect combination of productivity, flexibility and intelligent automation, and can well meet the requirements and development of today's post-press processing. Efficient automation components and ergonomic operation reduce the time required to replace jobs, increase overall output through comprehensive workflow integration, and increase flexibility with the modular machine concept. The main features of this series of folding machines include modular units, user-friendly touch screen, constant air flow (effective control of continuous and stable paper feed), digital display side gauge, servo motor drive folding roller adjustment, and diversification of receiving forms And selectivity.

A binder introduced: “The simple and convenient setting of the KH folding machine and the high production speed have saved us a lot of time, reduced our production time by 50%, and naturally increased the production efficiency, creating for us. Appreciable benefits."

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