Kewell Integrated Architecture Improves Packaging Productivity

From the perspective of packaging, in the current fiercely competitive market, equipment must be flexible and diverse enough to adapt to frequent changes in the production line to adapt to the continuous introduction of new products. In order to adapt to the continuous introduction of new products. This puts the end user of the packaging OEM (including the original manufacturer and the contract manufacturer/packaging height) under constant pressure because they must be sensitive to the market and respond positively to survive. Many suppliers can provide packaging The technology required for industrial development, but these "solutions" are only isolated, one-dimensional, and do not solve the problem of the entire system level. As a result, they have failed to promote fundamental changes in the entire industry. However, with its integrated architecture, Rockwell Automation took a diametrically opposed approach. Its integrated architecture focuses on overall application and Other factory behavior (not just individual parts and parts such as input/output modules, camera eyepieces, drivers, safety components, etc.). This gives packaging OEMs and end-users a variety of unique features and benefits that can address a variety of major challenges.

Rockwell Automation's integrated architecture uses Logix for horizontal integration across sequential controls, drive control, process control, and drive control. All Logix controllers use a common control engine. These controllers must be connected together through hard wiring, serial interfaces, or other communication methods. This naturally makes the system synchronization and programming process delayed and more difficult: must be for each The controller writes separate applications, and each controller uses a special programming package and programming language. As a result, applications that are difficult to operate and maintain will not work reliably and may not meet the performance requirements under various conditions.

The PSLogix 5000 program provided by Rockwell Software defines all motor and drive parameters as part of the driveshaft configuration. No second software package is required for machine or drive setup.

The Logix controller automatically configures the drive on the SERCOS interface when the machine is powered up. In addition, complex drive profiles can be simplified by using the Motion Cam Computation Profile (MCCP) and Driveshaft Position Cam (MAPC) ladder instructions, allowing changes to the profile to be made during shutdown.

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