Borouge Launches Three Innovative Plastic Resins

As the most important polyolefin raw material supplier in the Asia Pacific and Middle East markets, Borouge has introduced three new types of polyolefin resins, which are suitable for rotomoulding, hygiene and medical products.

The new Borecene CompactTM powder provides a unique opportunity for complex rotomolding applications. It includes the black Borecene Compact RM 8346-9004 and the native Borecene Compact RM8346-1000 two polyethylene resins. The former has better barrier properties than ordinary linear and crosslinked resins and is mainly used in diesel fuel tanks; the latter has excellent UV resistance and is an ideal material for the manufacture of natural diesel tanks.

Rotomolding is a common molding process for large plastic containers and products. Borecene Compact offers shorter cycle times and better dry flow, which makes mold filling easier and also gives the final product enhanced mechanical properties.

The upgraded BorflowTM has higher liquid barrier properties for hygienic and medical applications. The improved BorflowTM low viscosity polypropylene homopolymer series sets a new standard in barrier properties for meltblown webs and non-woven applications such as diapers and medical protective clothing. The new products, named Borflow HL604FB, HL608FB and HL612FB, have different melt flow rates (MFRs) and fiber diameters, which not only satisfy the requirements of meltblown web processors for plastic processing performance, but also satisfy consumers. The need for diapers with better liquid barriers.

The new DaployTM polypropylene "soft foam" is suitable for cushioned packaging applications. DaployTM WB260HMS High Melt Strength Polypropylene (HMS-PP) can provide solutions for protective packaging, and can be applied in many aspects such as car seats, shock absorbers and sports shoe structure.

Daploy WB260HMS represents a breakthrough in high melt strength polypropylene. It is designed to provide excellent temperature and chemical resistance while giving HMS PP an exceptional hardness that was excluded from soft foam production.

The materials currently occupying the mainstream in the foam market are still polyurethane, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. The progress of this polypropylene technology will position Dapaoy WB260-HMS in highly competitive materials for designers and originals of the packaging industry. Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) offer the option of customizing the properties of the final soft foam product, which can better meet the needs of the end user.

Many existing PP foam applications are based on standard HMS-PP blends with metallocene polyethylene, thermoplastic polyolefin elastomers, and vinyl acetate. Now, this can be replaced by a material like Daploy WB260HMS, or it can be mixed with other grades of PP to produce a pure PP product. The Daploy WB260HMS makes it possible to more economically produce closed-cell flexible polypropylene, with densities as low as 30kg/m3, which is not available in other polymer products on the market.

The Daploy WB260HMS can be produced using standard foam extrusion machinery, which has a wider bubble temperature range than conventional HMS grade PP.

In the Daploy HMS-PP, Borealis' chemically modified patented technology was used to combine long chain branches on the base polymer backbone. Its effect is to make PP with high melt strength and ductility at the same time, which are very important for foam quality. At the same time, the Daploy WB260HMS brings a new level of flexibility. All foaming materials in this series are recyclable, and other environmental factors that polypropylene has can also benefit it.

Borouge is the only source of Borealis materials in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Borouge brings Europe's most advanced technology to the most modern factories in the Middle East and becomes a driving force for the polyolefin industry. Founded in 1998, the company is a joint venture between Borealis of Denmark and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) of the United Arab Emirates, among which Borealis is one of the largest polyolefin producers in Europe. Borouge invested US$1.2 billion in Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, UAE, to build a petrochemical facility for the production of Borstar® bimodal polyethylene. In addition to selling its own polyethylene products, Borouge also provides sales and marketing services for Borealis' proprietary polyolefin products in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region.

Since 2001, Borouge has begun three phases of expansion plans. Borouge's PE production this year has increased from 320,000 tons to 580,000 tons per year, forming a world-class PE production facility.

Source: Packaging Digest China

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