Sidel launches next-generation Combi equipment

Sidel will launch its next-generation Combi device at Drinktec, which embodies the most advanced blowing and filling technologies. The new generation of Combi equipment is more excellent in the blowing, filling and capping performance of PET bottles. The Combi selec 20 FMw 90/15 C model will be on display, integrating the company's cutting-edge developments in blowing and filling technology. According to the introduction, this technology can save 20% of the bottling cost and improve the sanitary status of non-inflated water filling.

The cost reduction is mainly due to a variety of factors. For the same type of Combi device, the output rate will increase by 13% as the single-mode blowing rate is increased to 1800 bottles/hour. A new generation of Combi equipment gives users more versatility and a 20% faster bottle changeover. It also provides programming functions for setting the blowing process and filling volume parameters. Optimized maintenance times and automatic cleaning systems also increase the use of Combi equipment. Lower energy consumption (15% reduction in power consumption and reduced dead zones in air lines), lower maintenance costs, and lighter bottles produced by Combi equipment, together contribute to the reduction of packaging production costs, while at the same time Does not affect the packaging quality.

In addition to the treatment of preforms with sterile air, a tilting filling frame with 100% stainless steel, and a loading space under controlled gas, Sidel bred innovative solutions with its experience in aseptic technology. , thus improving the health of the new Combi device.

The pressurized filling space is reduced by 80%, thereby reducing the clean area, while also allowing Sidel to double its ventilation rate and reduce energy consumption. The streamlined design of FMw (water flow meter) and FMg (gas flow meter) filling valves benefits from Sidel's proven flowmeter technology. Various valves use fewer components for easier cleaning. Also, when filling non-inflatable products, there is no need for any contact between the filling valve and the package itself. The built-in automatic CIP (in-line cleaning) system will clean the internal production lines with fully programmable custom settings. Sample bottles are also automatically placed and withdrawn. Finally, the COP (External Cleaning) system uses a fully programmable fixed or rotary nozzle to clean the exterior surface of the filling area.

With the new generation of Combi equipment, Sidel's installed capacity has increased by 20% in the past year, and has further consolidated its leading position in this field. The company's annual growth target has been set at 30%.

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