The heyday of water-based paint, high-quality wall, environmental protection and health

Traditional products are obviously harmful

Recommended product one: Nippon Pure Taste Full Effect Interior Wall Latex Paint

Reference price: 278.00 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : This paint has good adhesion, strong covering power and easy construction. Scrub resistant. Effectively remove indoor formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful gases, antibacterial and sterilization. Purify indoor air and effectively improve the construction environment.

Nippon Pure Taste Full Effect Interior Wall Latex Paint

Editor's comment : This set of cases focuses on practicality, so the choice of paint should basically conform to this principle. Nippon paint is environmentally friendly and easy to apply, and it is more convenient and simple in daily maintenance. So it is very convenient for white-collar couples who work all day.

As we all know, traditional coatings have long been a relatively important source of pollution in home decoration. Traditional solvent-based coatings use "Tina Water" (also known as banana water, generally used as a diluent, the main component is xylene, which is extremely volatile, flammable, explosive, and toxic) as a solvent, causing a large amount of organic matter to evaporate. And construction tools are not easy to clean. At present, most of the coatings on the Chinese market still use organic solvents as solvents and thinners. Although they have been improved and improved for many years, they are still difficult to compete with the products of advanced countries such as Europe and the United States.

Recommended product two: Ultra-environmentally friendly, scrub-resistant coatings-China Resources Pure Environmental Protection

Reference price: 382 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : The biggest feature of this product of China Resources is environmental protection, the VOC content is too low to be detected (VOC is generally speaking the volatiles in the paint). And this product has high scrub resistance, strong anti-fouling ability, and better maintenance.

China Resources Pure Environmental Protection Real Net Realm Gold Interior Wall Paint S10800

Editor's comment : China Resources' product is mainly based on its environmental performance. It is worth mentioning that when this product was tested, no volatiles (VOC) were detected. Another major feature is the scrub resistance, so it is relatively easy to maintain. This paint is a good choice for children's room. Because it is resistant to scrubbing, it is very convenient to clean it if the baby draws on the wall.

Modern science and technology have proved that organic solvents are extremely harmful to the environment and human health. According to authoritative data, about 2.1 million children die from decoration pollution every year, and about 1.2 million women give birth to children with congenital disabilities due to decoration pollution. Therefore, the World Health Organization has included indoor air pollution in the list of "Top Ten Human Health Killers".

Like petroleum energy, organic solvents are non-renewable resources. Statistics show that in 2007, the total output of China's coatings was about 4 million tons. Because of the high volatility of oil-based coatings, about 60% of organic solvents are emitted into the air after painting, which wastes energy and causes serious pollution , Especially the indoor environment. It is estimated that in the process of using paint, 2.4 million tons of benzene and aromatic solvents are volatile each year.

Most of the organic solvents that are often used today are products refined from petroleum or natural gas, and their functions are limited to thinning paints, which are convenient for painting and cannot play any role in the performance after film formation.

Failed to occupy the mainstream market

Recommend product 3: Dulux bamboo charcoal fresh wall paint

Recommended crowd : homeowners with children, ultra-high-end products pursuing multi-function, owners who pay attention to environmental protection

Reference price : 558 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Specially added "natural activated bamboo charcoal factor", combined with "efficient aldehyde removal technology", it can form a layer of powerful purification filter on the surface of the paint film to capture and purify the formaldehyde, benzene and more This kind of harmful substance keeps the indoor air fresh and natural, and more comprehensively cares for the health of family members.

Dulux Bamboo Charcoal Fresh Wall Paint

Editor's comment : Sometimes harmful gases released by decoration materials, new furniture, soft decorations, etc. will accumulate in the room, endangering the health of me and my family. This paint can automatically absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc., solve the wall problem and the smell problem in one step, allowing consumers to stay in the new home as soon as possible after the decoration.

Water-based paints can be directly diluted with water instead of organic solvents, and construction tools can also be washed with water, reducing environmental pollution. According to information, the utilization rate of water-based coatings in Europe has reached 80% to 90%, and since 2007, the European Union has banned the use of oily coatings in home decoration.

There are also many water-based paint products on the market in China, but due to long-term consumption habits and price factors, whether it is production or sales, oil paints have always occupied an absolute strong position in China. Although consumers have paid more attention to environmental protection in recent years, waterborne coatings have begun to be accepted and recognized by more high-end consumer groups, but for the larger medium and low consumption market, it is still dominated by oily coatings.

Recommended products 4: Caring for the next generation, healthy and antibacterial imported materials

Product name: Sankeshu Children's Health SHI600

Reference price: 688 yuan / 5L

Product introduction (case): Aunt Zhou's child is now 13 years old. He is already a little adult at home and has his own personality and ideas. His lively nature makes him often stain the wall. At this time, parents need to create a space for them to show their personality, creativity, and pollution resistance. The biggest particularity of Sankeshu Children's Health SHI600 is antibacterial. It uses nano Ag + antibacterial technology, and the antibacterial rate of Staphylococcus aureus is 99.99%. It uses the latest odor purification technology and adds special deodorization factors to effectively remove indoor odors. It uses imported health-grade raw materials, the content of heavy metals is extremely low, and the content of formaldehyde and VOC is also very low. It can also maintain the bright and natural color of the wall for a long time, and at the same time can adjust a variety of childlike colors.

Sankeshu Children's Health SHI600

Editor's comment : Sankeshu's products have a certain reputation among domestic products, and the product quality is also good. The most prominent aspect of this special wall paint for children's rooms is that it is healthy and non-toxic. Its environmental protection index is very high, and parents can use it with confidence. And this product also pays attention to antibacterial and children's color requirements. It's a good job in domestic products.

Yue Wangkun, Secretary General of China Coatings Industry Association, analyzed that the biggest advantage of water-based coatings is environmental protection and health indicators, but because the coating effect of most domestic water-based coatings products has not yet reached the same level as oil-based coatings, and the coating process of water-based coatings Affected by climate and environment, the construction period is long, so it is difficult for waterborne coatings to really occupy the market in China. He said that furniture, toys and other manufacturers need products that are suitable for all-weather production; painters need products that have equal emphasis on construction cycle and environmental protection and health; and family consumers need products with reasonable prices and good color, fullness and water resistance. If the upgrade of product quality cannot be achieved, it is difficult for waterborne coatings to be widely accepted in the domestic market.

Yue Wangkun pointed out that the current development of waterborne coatings in China needs to focus on two major directions: one is the qualitative leap in the quality of waterborne coatings; the second is the continuous popularization of downstream enterprises such as furniture, building materials, toys and household consumption. The good news is that some nitro furniture paints, nitro flat painted toy paints, nitro crafts paints and other products in some domestic water-based paints have passed the test of SGS, the world's most authoritative testing agency, and are the first to get through. "Green channel" exported to Europe and America.

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