Test standard and method of drop test machine (below)

Equivalent to this standard adopts international standard ISO2248-1985 (completely packed, full-filled transport package vertical drop test)

Falling test equipment (impact table): The impact table is a horizontal plane, which does not move or deform during the test and meets the following requirements

A. It is a whole object, the mass is at least 50 times the mass of the test sample

B. There must be a large enough area to ensure that the test sample falls completely on the impact table

C. The horizontal height of any two points on the impact table must not exceed 2mm

D. When the static load of 10kg is applied to any area of ​​100mm2 on the impact table, the deformation shall not exceed 0.1mm

Lifting device: During the lifting or lowering process, the test sample should not be damaged.

Supporting device: The device supporting the test sample should be able to keep the test sample in the predetermined state before release

Release device: When dropping the test sample, the test sample should not touch any part of the device to ensure that it falls freely

Test procedure: Lift the test sample to the desired drop height position and support it according to the predetermined state. The difference between the straight height and the predetermined height shall not exceed ± 2% of the predetermined height. Drop height refers to the distance between the lowest point of the test sample and the impact table when it is ready to be released

When the surface is dropped, the angle between the drop surface of the test sample and the horizontal plane should not exceed 2 °

When the edge is dropped, the angle between the dropped edge and the horizontal plane should not exceed 2 °. The error between the specified surface and the impact table on the test sample should not exceed ± 5 ° or 10% of the angle Quasi), so that the gravity line of the test sample passes through the dropped


Regardless of the state and shape of the test sample, the heavy vehicle line of the test sample should pass through the dropped surface, line, point

The difference between the actual impact speed and the impact speed during free fall does not exceed 1% during free fall

After the test, check the damage of the packaging and contents according to relevant standards or regulations, and analyze the test results

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