Actually, the first three-year "three guarantees" service

Material prices are opaque? Material quality is not guaranteed? The renovation cannot be completed on time? Furniture and building materials have passed the "three guarantees" service period frequently?

Near March 15th, many unreasonable consumer traps in home building materials keep consumers squandering. On March 2nd, sponsored by the Xiaoxiang Morning News and the Hunan Provincial Interior Decoration Association, the “Sunshine Home Security Action” undertaken by the Real Estate House was officially launched at the Gaoqiao Store. The event will start with an optimized service to protect consumers' rights in the renovation process.

"Three Guarantees" service extended to 3 years

"Three guarantees", that is, return, replacement, repair. At present, most of the furniture and building materials manufacturers and home stores promised a "three guarantees" service period of only one year. However, due to the large consumption of household building materials and long service life, it is generally guaranteed to be maintained for at least 3 years to 5 years or longer. Many home improvement problems only occur after the one-year "three guarantees" service expires, and the "three guarantees" service commitments often become "virtual concepts."

"From March 2, we officially extended the service period of "three guarantees" for furniture and building materials from one year to three years." Cheng Jie, the general manager of the official Sha Jinyuan store, announced at the event launching ceremony. The extension of the "three guarantees" service period for furniture and building materials is the first ring of the "Sunshine Home Security Action".

The reporter learned from the Changsha Consumer Council and the Provincial Interior Decoration Association that the current complaints about the after-sales term have accounted for 20% of all home building materials consumption complaints. "If the three-package rule within one year, the store can not accept such complaints from consumers, but because of the brand image, the store can not be ignored." Cheng Jie said.

Based on this, the “Sunshine Home Security Action” specially extended the three-pack service as the first ring. The two stores of Jinyuan Store and Gaoqiao Store were simultaneously trial-and-error, and signed a responsibility agreement with all the merchants to make the new “three”. The package is really implemented.

Home improvement questions can ask the store manager directly

Zhang Dezhi, director of the Consumer Guidance Department of the China Consumers Association, who traveled from Beijing to the launching ceremony, said that although the extension of the three-pack service is only a small aspect of the home building consumption service, it is this specific and small service upgrade that can really stimulate consumption. The heart of the people, "Dare to enhance the service without adding any additional fees, enough to see the confidence of a store."

Some people have commented that the “three guarantees” period has been extended to three years. It is the first case in the Changsha home building materials industry. The launch of this service will impact the entire home industry after-sales service system and promote the extension of the “three guarantees” period for other stores and merchants.

It is reported that in this "Sunshine Home Security Action", the service will be the core force point throughout the whole process. During the entire three-month event, the organizers will launch a number of innovative services in conjunction with the actual home store. For example, “The Manager’s Reception Day” and “Service Supervisor” will be the two highlights launched during the March 15th period.

The “Principal Reception Day” is handled by the store manager and the general manager of the branch to personally receive the consumer, solve consumer complaints on the spot, answer consumer questions, and listen to consumers' opinions and suggestions. In addition, the event will also openly hire “service supervisors” for the whole society to supervise the management and services of the whole process and the actual home.

Encourage consumers to fight 12315 rights

In order to make consumers feel comfortable decorating, this event will collect the “Thousands of Home Dedicated Home Demonstration Projects” from March 2nd to May 31st. The prospective owners can sign up by calling the Xiaoxiang Morning News Hotline 96360.

It is reported that the “Thousands of Home Relief Home Demonstration Project” will be built with the standard of “Fan Ben” for sunshine decoration service. The demonstration project will be constructed by a well-received home improvement enterprise in the province, and the home store will also provide the “maximum profit” for building materials and furniture. “Thousands of yuan guarantee” is escorted by consumers.

The owners who successfully sign up for the home demonstration project will enjoy the “first payment”, “green”, “no reason to return” for one month, “the same price for the same brand”, “zero delay for delivery and installation”, “ The three-pack service period is extended to "six services." Not only that, in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, consumers who participate in the activity can call the Changsha Consumer Council Complaint Hotline 12315 to make complaints and defend their rights once they find that the consumption is unreasonable.

[New Three Guarantees Service Standard]

1. Furniture and building materials

a. Non-customized product "three guarantees" period is 3 years, that is, serious quality problems occur within 90 days, consumers can choose to repair, exchange or return free of charge; serious quality problems occur within 180 days, consumers can choose free repair or exchange In the remaining period of the "Three Guarantees", quality problems occur, and the merchant is responsible for free repairs.

b. The standard parts of customized products (such as cabinets, doors and windows, custom-made furniture) (such as electrical appliances, gas stoves, etc.) are implemented in accordance with the "three guarantees" of non-customized products; quality problems occur in non-standard parts, in principle, they can only be repaired. Return (within three years); it will only be returned if it cannot be restored to its normal function after repair.

2. Home improvement service

The warranty period is three years, and the warranty period for waterproofing is five years.

Sign up to get the Sunshine Home Protection Package

From now until May 31, consumers can call the Xiaoxiang Morning News 96360 hotline to sign up for the Sunshine Home Security Campaign. If you sign up successfully, you can get a set of building materials furniture shopping member protection card and a set of 50,000 yuan gift package provided by the actual home.

The spree content includes:

1. 1 member card of the actual family (holding the card to enjoy the discount and points can be redeemed for gifts); 2. 1 set of cash check coupons for 50,000 yuan (the purchase of building materials can be directly paid in cash); 3. Activities One manual (including the introduction of the home, the introduction of the event, the contents of the six major service commitments, the address map, the road map, etc.); 4. In addition to participating in the shopping mall from March 2 to May 31, 2013 In addition to various rebates, consumers can also participate in activities such as “bidding for the king”, “shopping for the seal”, “winning and exemption”; 5. enjoying one-on-one VIP service for the account manager of the actual home.

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