The air permeability of the heavy ion micropores can make the film anti-counterfeiting

The heavy ion micropores are breathable and permeable to water. If applied with a colored liquid (such as a fountain pen), the pattern area will be colored, leaving a colorful pattern. In order to achieve anti-counterfeiting purposes.

Heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting has its unique advantages. It not only has excellent anti-counterfeiting performance, its materials and technology are specially controlled by the state, and it is not available to counterfeiters (it needs to use high-energy particle special control equipment for plate making), and its identification method is simple and suitable for first-line , Second-line and third-line anti-counterfeiting.

We know that matter is composed of atoms, and atoms are composed of nuclei and electrons that orbit the nucleus. The electrons in the atoms are stripped to become ions. Heavy ions with a certain energy can penetrate the plastic film and cause damage on the plastic film. Under the traces, if these traces are chemically etched, it can expand and form heavy ion micropores with a diameter of the order of micrometers and good consistency. The diameter and density of these heavy ion micropores can be controlled. It is a good material to use a membrane with micropores of heavy ions for filtration. If a pattern is composed of a large number of heavy ion micropores on the film, under visible light, due to the diffraction and refraction of the heavy ion micropores, the human eye will get a white pattern when visually observed, and the non-patterned area will remain transparent status.

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