Function and principle of drop test machine

Function and principle of drop test machine

The drop test machine is mainly used to test the product packaging and some products are damaged by the fall, and to evaluate its impact strength during transportation and handling. It adopts double-column guide, the number of times of height drop can be set, the work is stable and reliable, and a variety of drop tests on edges, faces and angles can be realized.

During the test, the user can freely choose the drop height, and the parameters such as the drop release height can be controlled through the control panel, which can make the sample drop freely in an instant, and perform the drop impact test on the packaging and product container at multiple angles, angles and planes.

Product principle and function: The drop test machine simulates the situation of different edges, angles, and surfaces falling on the ground at different heights after product packaging, so as to understand the damage of the product and evaluate the product packaging components can withstand when dropped Falling height and impact resistance. Through testing, various parts of the product can be improved, improved, and perfected in packaging design.

Test principle: During the test, according to the test height of the sample to be tested, adjust the high-related parameters through the control device, and then let it fall freely according to the predetermined state and collide with the impact table.

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