The future development direction of large walk-in laboratory

With the continuous expansion of market demand, the environmental test equipment industry, which is closely related to people's lives, has also developed rapidly. However, due to technical and innovation reasons, the domestic environmental test equipment industry still has a huge gap with foreign countries. The lack of key core technologies in the laboratory, low-level repetition, stability and reliability cannot be fundamentally resolved. Large-scale walk-in laboratories still rely heavily on imports, and a large number of imports have an adverse impact on industrial development.

For the future development of the environmental testing equipment industry, the main direction of attack mainly includes five aspects: First, to strengthen the original innovation of scientific testing equipment, focusing on the national major frontier scientific needs, carrying out research on new principles, new technologies, and new methods, and striving to achieve cutting-edge science A major breakthrough and leap in test equipment; the second is to strengthen integration and innovation, focus on the development of cutting-edge major scientific test equipment, general test equipment, and special test equipment with industrially competitive test equipment, and at the same time strengthen the core key components and supporting systems of scientific test equipment Development and application; third, focus on digestion, absorption and re-innovation of existing commercial scientific test equipment, and develop a large number of large-scale walk-in laboratories with independent intellectual property rights to enhance the comprehensive use efficiency of downstream scientific test equipment; Strengthen the application and demonstration of scientific test equipment with independent intellectual property rights; Fifth, continue to promote the construction of industrial bases for scientific test equipment.

In order to promote the improvement of the independent innovation capability of China's scientific test equipment, the Chinese government has increased the investment in scientific research equipment research and development, and set up special funds for test equipment, focusing on supporting the development of original scientific research test equipment and large walk-in laboratory with certain application prospects Product development and application.

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