Analysis of Problems Existing in Industrialization of Industrial Robots in China

The development of China's industrial robots is still mainly in the small-scale development, and has not formed an industrialized operation mode. Robots in high-end fields are also commonly used for imports, and domestic industrial robots are mainly concentrated in the low-end and middle-end levels. The development of industrialization of industrial robots in China is mainly due to poor manufacturing capabilities of basic components, China's industrial robots have not yet formed their own brands, and there are relatively few international policies to encourage industrial robot products.

Poor manufacturing capacity of basic parts

Although China has a good foundation in the related basic components of industrial robots, there is a large gap between foreign products and quality, comprehensive product series, and mass supply, especially in high performance The gap between the first-class servo motor and the high-precision reducer is particularly obvious. Therefore, the import of key parts and components has affected the price competitiveness of robots.

The brand advantage of domestic industrial robots is not obvious

At present, although there are a number of enterprises engaged in the development of industrial robot technology, they have not formed a large scale, lacking brand recognition in the market. The mature industry adopts the strategy of lowering the price of the whole machine and attracting domestic enterprises to purchase, but the subsequent maintenance parts cost is very high, gradually occupying the industrial robot market in China.

The state is not strong enough to encourage industrial robot products

In order to encourage enterprises to use robots after the war, Japan formulated relevant policies, which greatly promoted the development of the industrial robot industry. At present, Japan has become a major industrial robot country. As a high-tech product, industrial robots should follow the electric vehicles in the new energy and issue corresponding supporting policies, such as purchasing a domestic robot and giving financial subsidies, which will increase the enthusiasm for the production and use of industrial robot products.

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