Natural soft resin varnish and its application

The natural soft resin varnish is applied to the surface of the completed and dried work, which will form a shiny and tough transparent film, which can not only prevent dust pollution and moisture erosion, but also protect the coloring layer to maintain the permanent beauty of the picture. .

â‘ Dama resin varnish: It is the best multi-purpose natural resin varnish. It dries quickly and can be applied only once. This varnish can clean and renew the oil film on the surface of the oil painting that turns yellow and becomes brittle over time. At present, there are two types on the market: (1: 3) DAMA glazing oil is used for painting glazing; (1: 2) DAMA glazing oil can be formulated with milky matt toner, triad coloring oil and Tempe Pull lotion, etc.

â‘¡Mati (Frankincense) resin varnish: It is a varnish that was more commonly used in the 19th century. It can bring a high-gloss golden surface layer to the picture, especially suitable for classical oil painting. Its golden characteristic makes the colored layer produce an antique effect. It is an ideal glazing material for repairing ancient paintings.

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