Special attention: 2013 global top ten hot digital technology trends

Technology wheels will continue to roll forward in 2013. What technologies will be available in the new year? Will it continue to lead the industry? Take a look at the top ten hot technology trends in 2013, organized exclusively by CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. Wang Shuai.

1. 3D printing

From civilian 3D movies to Industrial Revolution 2.0 3D printers, 3D technology has spread to individuals and is being further developed. 2012 is a year of full popularization of 3D movies. If 3D movies bring people a visual impact, then 3D printers bring people's imagination refreshed. Guitars, steaks, guns, robotic arms, houses, airplanes are all the results of 3D printers. 3D printing technology will be a powerful weapon for the United States to revitalize manufacturing. In the foreseeable future, 3D printers will "make out" the items we want, helping us build bases on Mars, even print chromosomes and clone humans.

2013 is a year of further development of 3D printing technology and will present three major trends:

1. 3D printing design software shows ease of use.

2. 3D printing material standards will be valued.

3. The printing results will be developed towards large and precise.

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