The Necessity of Effectively Controlling and Utilizing Print Resources (2)

Rebuilding of mechanisms for effective control and utilization

To carry out institutional innovations and establish a mechanism that has its own hematopoietic and rolling development is an important issue faced by printing groups. Therefore, in the future construction of India, new models should be adopted and new operating mechanisms established. The specific idea is as follows:

1. In order to operate a printing company that has a printing capacity of more than 100,000 copies per day, there are two methods for holding business:

(1) Establish a new printing company. There are three ways:

First, the newspaper group invests and establishes branches or wholly-owned subsidiaries. The former can use the condition that the group is a business unit and can effectively avoid tax.

The second is to implement an internal shareholding system and establish a limited liability company. This approach can increase the awareness of the group's employees in caring about and participating in the development and management of the group. It will internally raise funds and legalize the idle capital of the group's internal employees in an internal joint-stock system to achieve risk sharing and benefit sharing. At present, the printing center of the Chongqing Daily Newspaper Group is the pilot scheme.

The third is to establish a joint-stock enterprise. Seek external partners, absorb external funds, form a joint-stock company, set up a board of directors, and implement a new management model.

(2) Negotiating with the printing company of the current printing press group newspaper to transfer the shares, and the group will carry out the holding business.

2. For printing spots with a print volume of less than 100,000 copies, it can be in the form of group holdings or public tendering operations. The latter can reduce costs and avoid black-box operations.

3. In addition to the management personnel sent by the Group, the printing enterprises controlled by the Group are all employed and the labor service agreements are signed.

Effective control and utilization of investment, equipment, and benefit analysis

The effective control and use of printing resources will inevitably involve the construction of investment and printing plants. Here we use a printing point to print 50,000 copies of daily newspapers and print 100,000 copies of evening newspapers as an assumption. We will analyze the investment and equipment of a printing point in detail.

1, layout and printing quantity

The daily newspaper is facing the 12th edition, and each printed dot prints 50,000 copies.

Among them, a single-sided color newspaper 50,000 pairs open; two single-sided red newspaper 100,000 pairs open.

In the whole year of 350 days, the number of single-color newspapers was 17,500 thousand pairs, and the number of single-sided red newspapers was 35,000 thousand pairs.

The Evening News 4 opened 48 editions and printed 100,000 copies each.

One-sided or double-sided color newspaper counts 600,000 pairs.

For the whole year of 350 days, a total of 210,000 thousand pairs were opened.

Annual total output of 262,500 pairs of two newspapers opened
2, printing processing fee

According to the paper supply by the newspaper group, payment of printing processing fees, PS version and film costs

(1) Printing fee: The annual printing fee is 11235000 yuan

The daily printing fee for single-sided color newspapers is increased by 48 yuan per one thousand pairs of ×17500 = 840,000 yuan.

Daily newspaper red paper annual printing fee opened per 1,000 pairs 21 yuan × 35000 = 735,000 yuan

Evening newspaper color newspaper annual printing fee opened every one thousand pairs of 46 yuan × 210000 = 960000 yuan

(2) plate edition fee: (in the case of minicomputers) 971 250 yuan throughout the year

Each issue of the daily newspaper is 4+1; 2+1; 2+1. There are 11 editions and 3850 annual editions.
The cost is: each PS version 75 yuan × 3850 = 288,750 yuan

The Evening News has six 4+1s per issue. There are 30 editions and 10500 annual editions.
The cost is: 65 yuan × 10500 = 882500 yuan

(3) Film Costs: Film Expenses for the Year: 1106,000 yuan

The daily newspaper uses 22 films per period, with an annual usage of 7700. The cost is:
40 yuan per film × 7700 = 308,000 yuan

The Evening Paper uses 60 films per period, with an annual usage of 21,000 pieces. The cost is:
38 yuan per film × 17500 = 798,000 yuan

The above total year-round total printing fee is 13,312,250 yuan

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