Little Panda Wine: The Most Creative Packaging

Little Panda Wine is a series of products recently developed by the Guizhou Maotai Brewery Group Panda Co., Ltd. It is designed and packaged by Chongqing Luzi Packaging Design Center. The packaging design focuses on excavating the national treasure culture. Its packaging has outstanding creativity and many highlights. The use of mainstream colors of red, yellow and gold is relatively successful. The overall sense and shelf performance are better. It is a packaging that attracts consumers and makes it exciting. design.

Designers' overall design of the package from the outer box to the bottle shape is very clever. First of all, the red panda and the panda are not one thing. The designers have made ingenious design transitions to the brand, focused on highlighting the national treasure culture, and made the product connotation more in line with the aesthetic taste of the consumer; secondly, the LOGO has been boldly adopted. The most popular "China Print" design in China is a perfect combination of text and panda design. Since Chinese printing is adaptable to printing of various colors, it is very conducive to the late dissemination of the brand of the red panda; again, 45° of LOGO. Corner typeset design makes this package can be displayed horizontally and upright. It is the panda's eye pictogram and can be described as the finishing touch; at the same time, this package uses a large area of ​​international popular brand shading design to make the brand Intensified in front of consumers, creativity is remarkable; in addition, the designer tailored the shape of the bottle, the panda concave sculpture on the back of the bottle increased the consumer's drinking pleasure, in line with the bottle-making campaign in the new wine era. The integration requirements of packaging design have achieved a full range of multi-angle brand image display to consumers. ■

Source: "Sugar & Alcohol Weekly"

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