Japan's demand for polyurethane adhesives in the next five years looks promising

In the past five years, the demand for polyurethane in Japan has hovered over 600,000 tons. Soft foam based mainly on cars, beddings, and furniture keeps a low profile. Due to the shift of cold storage production overseas, the domestic production volume has decreased, and in addition, the residential building has been in a state of slump, and the demand for rigid foam plastics has continued to decrease.

Therefore, in recent years, the polyurethane industry has decided to transfer its strategic non-foam products strategically, resulting in an average annual growth rate of 3.9% for adhesives and 2.9% for sealants. Adhesives are mainly used in the dry compound film industry. As the end-users of the composite film have expanded from the original food packaging to other non-food packaging, the dosage has increased greatly, and the accompanying polyurethane adhesive has also increased. Residential building materials regulations have strictly stipulated the amount of VOC emissions, and calls for the use of non-formaldehyde adhesives are increasing. Polyurethane adhesives are recognized as a good alternative.

Source: Alibaba

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