Ire-Tex Produces Packaging Materials for Household Appliances

Ire-Tex Corporation Bhd, a manufacturer of protective packaging materials, has announced that it will enter new business areas to produce packaging materials for home appliances.

General manager Dr Yap said Ire-Tex has started producing protective packaging for plasma TVs, and about 90% of its users are from North America. He also stated that plasma TVs are becoming more and more popular in many American homes and it is through this opportunity for the company to gain profit.

Ire-Tex has previously provided protective packaging materials for the semiconductor, industrial electronics box box computer industry.

Dr Yap said that the company can currently produce 50 tons of plasma TV packaging materials in a month. In addition, Ire-Tex invested 300,000 to 500,000 RM this year through its Cal-Test laboratory for product development.

Dr Yap revealed that the company will launch a new lightweight pallet by the end of this year, which is no different from ordinary wooden pallets, but it is lighter in quality. The weight of a typical wooden pallet is 30kg, while the new pallet uses high-impact polystyrene, only 3kg. He also said that the new product will bring 2 million RM of revenue by the end of this year.

In addition, Ire-Tex also invested 10 million RM to build a factory in Pasir Gudang, Dr Yap said the plant will be put into production in July this year. It is understood that the factory has a construction area of ​​70,000 square feet, and the monthly production capacity will reach 100 tons.

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