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The production process of the printing factory is: prepress (design production - output - plate making), printing, postpress, this article is about a technical issue related to the output. Normally, high-precision printing uses a laser image-setter to output film film, while general-precision printing uses a laser printer to output sulfuric acid paper. Sulfuric acid paper output is very time-saving and economical, and is widely used by a large number of small and medium-sized printing plants. In order to ensure plate-making quality, output to sulfuric acid paper is generally mirror image (also known as anti-film) output. The typesetting software commonly used in printing plants includes:

PageMaker, CorelDraw, Wps2000 and so on, these software can realize the mirror output. Sometimes customers bring their own disks, and their documents are edited and generated in Word. Unfortunately, Word does not support image output. In this case, most of the computer makers are re-arranging to other software, this is a waste of time, and second, it may not be able to discharge exactly the same results. In the work practice, the author explored a set of relatively simple solutions. The following introduces to readers and friends.

Output method in Word:

Take Word2000 as an example, first open the document to be mirrored, press Ctrl+A to select all, press Ctrl+C to copy the document contents to the clipboard, press Ctrl+N to create a new document, make the same page settings as the original document, and then single Click the menu "Insert" / "Object", select the "Brush Picture" type and click "OK". After the embedded drawing program window appears, press Ctrl+V to paste the contents of the clipboard. If prompted to expand the bitmap, single Click "Yes", click "Image"/"Flip/Rotate", select the "Flip Horizontal" check box, click "OK", and finally click in the blank space outside the drawing window, and the image will be successful. Direct printing to sulfate paper is an anti-word effect. Because Word2000 and drawing programs are products developed by Microsoft Corporation and have very good compatibility, the exact same format can be obtained by copying and pasting. It should be noted that the above operation is only valid for the first page of the Word document. If there are multiple pages, the first page should be deleted and then divided.

The output method in other software:

To transfer Word content to other software while maintaining the original formatting, consider sending Word content in image format. The method of converting Word content into pictures is: Select the part you want to convert, press Ctrl+C to copy, click “Edit”/“Paste Special”, select “Picture” in the “Form” list box and click “OK”. ” That is, insert the original selection in the form of a picture. Convert Word content to a picture, you can only convert one page at a time, if there are multiple pages should be divided.

After the picture is converted, the picture is copied to the clipboard, and the picture in the clipboard is obtained by pasting in other software. For example, in the PhotoShop6.0 image output Word document, the method is: through the above method to convert the Word document's front page into a picture and copy it to the clipboard, create a new image in PhotoShop Ctrl + N, "New" dialog box data It is automatically given by PhotoShop according to the clipboard. You do not have to change it and click "OK" directly. Then press Ctrl+V to paste. The resulting image is exactly the same as the original Word document. Click "Edit" / "Transform" / "Flip Horizontal" and the image will be mirrored successfully. The last output can be.

The author also found that, in CorelDraw, the above method is used, but the result is not ideal, mainly because the right side of the text cannot be aligned or the partial display is incomplete. In Wps2000, there are also a few situations that are not satisfactory. The problems are mostly in the table section. Therefore, if you want to use Word orchestrated content in CorelDraw, Wps2000, the best way is to save the Word image as an image file in PhotoShop and then import the image file in CorelDraw.

Having mastered the above methods, I believe that when you come across a customer's own Word document, you can use it flexibly without sighing. However, I think that even Wps2000 has anti-film output function, and Word as the world's most famous office publishing software, the market needs has always been the direction of its development, I believe that in the near future, we can see in the Word menu Anti-Chip" or "mirror output" words.

Author: Xie Junhua

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