Tekniflex Clamshell Packaging

Tekni-Films, a subsidiary of Tekni-Plex Corporation, is the world's leading supplier of blister films for the pharmaceutical and health care products market, offering a wide range of thin film products for special applications. Recently the company introduced an atmosphere-modified blister package called Tekniflex. This blister pack combines Tekniflex PCTFE blisters with CSP Technology's Activ-Strip polyethylene desiccant and is thermoformed to create a transparent body that provides better protection than previous aluminum packaging.

Techniflex atmosphere bubble cap adopts 2 and 3 layers of PCTFE laminated barrier structure. In addition, Activ-Strips polyethylene strip desiccant is placed on the package. These desiccants are placed on the other side of the bubble, and each cell Both are connected with desiccant to get a more dry blisters internal environment.

This patented technology greatly reduces the humidity of the blister, thereby extending product shelf life. In this modified atmosphere package, Activ-Strip desiccant is not powdery, does not generate dust, and does not come in contact with the product. It conforms to all pharmaceutical and food regulations in the European Union and the United States.

Source: Packaging Materials and Containers

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