2011 China Furniture Industry Annual General Rating

On December 22, 2011, the 5th China Furniture Industry Annual General Rating List will be held in Suzhou City at the Water Side Hotel. In the same period, the “Channels & Terminals – China Furniture Industry Development Summit Forum” will be held, and 2011 China will be announced. The furniture industry top ten people, top ten entrepreneurs, top ten channel brands, top ten original home brands and other dozens of awards, the furniture industry elites gathered, a total of grand celebrations.

The 5th China Furniture Industry General Appraisal List entered Suzhou in 2011

Since 2011, the transformation of China's economic structure and the new real estate policy have raised a serious test for related industries. The furniture industry has thus encountered unprecedented overall operational difficulties. It can be said that it is fearful and expects. In this half-flame, half of the iceberg's great changes, it is said that the shuffling movement in the Chinese furniture industry has accelerated.

2011, the final victory! Salvation terminal!

In the face of constant rapid expansion of channels and regardless of the rents of dealers, this is a channel and dealer relationship that is co-existing and win-win, such as fish and water, but has become indifferent under the "touchstone" of today's market. Ruthless, cooperation to today, finally came to the critical moment of your death, and look at this fall exhibition, the city-like exhibition investment expectations, so many exhibitors are disappointed. The reason is that yesterday's dealers have been "distributed" today. Channel magpies? Manufacturers are affected, merchants are crying, and many innocent consumers have become the "big head" under the traditional channel mode!

In 2011, the channel is in fission and the terminal is in revolution!

From the state home, the joint life to the rich, from the Taobao Mall to the outside of the city... a new channel model emerged one after another and matured, effectively impacting the traditional leasing model and winning the applause of the majority of furniture manufacturers!

2011, test integrity! Test value!

The "Da Vinci Incident" awakened the booming Chinese furniture industry - it must be worth the consumption! In fact, it finally reflects the return of products to "commercial populism", which is the inevitable result of the shuffling movement and also the Chinese furniture. An important symbol of the industry's maturity.

In the dark breeze of the baptism of the market, the industrial structure is undergoing profound evolution. The fifth pole of the Chinese furniture industry is accelerating in the middle, and the industry leader is constantly emerging. A large number of industries have emerged in the Chinese furniture industry. The outstanding brands and romantic figures who are welcoming the storms have honed a large number of benchmarking companies that are brave in innovation and against the wind. They are role models and models in the industry.

The fifth general evaluation list went into Suzhou and entered the furniture capital of the east. The thousands of channels and merchants discussed harmony and prosperity. Let us meet each other and feel the long-awaited market voice together to listen to the appeal of the vast number of Chinese furniture people to the expanding channels...

To this end, it was initiated by the "Furniture Guide" and co-hosted with "Furniture Mainstream", "East China Furniture" and Sina Home, and received strong support from many Chinese furniture industry associations and many authoritative professional organizations to jointly launch this year's China. Oscar event in the furniture industry - "Channels & Terminals: China Furniture Industry Development Summit Forum and the 5th (2011) China Furniture Industry Annual General Rating List".

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