Seeing the home feng shui enlightenment from "Love in Love 33 Days"

Healing the love movie "Love for Love 33 Days", tells that Huang Xiaoxian was beaten by her boyfriend and recorded her 33 days of life after she lost her love. In fact, falling out of love is something that everyone has experienced. After all, no one is willing to fall in love. However, there are many reasons for being "leftover". Home feng shui also occupies a large part of the reason. Here, everyone will bring enhanced peach blossoms. Home feng shui secrets.

[PART1: Why did you become a bachelor? 】

The bedroom belongs to the lone star

The bedroom belongs to the lone star. Home Feng Shui believes that there are good and bad things in the orientation of the household unit. Among them, the lonely star has the most obvious influence on the individual's emotional fortune.

The "orphan" star is the home of the "lonely, widowed" star, and is the root of the evil star. If you hit this kind of star, you are in a lonely place, encounter an unfavorable flow year, form a double-layered pressure or three bully information, it is easy to hurt the individual's marriage feelings. So far, single friends, quickly check your bedroom, bed is not in a lonely place, so that the lonely star crouched in the magnetic field you rest.

The bedroom is converted from a bathroom and a kitchen.

The bedroom is converted from a bathroom and kitchen. Sometimes, for some reasons, the bathroom or kitchen can be converted into a bedroom during renovation. Especially in the case of the layout of the kitchen and bathroom in the upstairs and downstairs, living in it, it is easy to affect the fortune of the occupants, not only the emotional fortune is affected, but also may lead to health problems.

The bedroom is too dark and damp

The bedroom is too dark and damp. Too dark and damp bedroom not only hinders physical health, but also affects the mood of the occupants in the long run, leading to the solitude of the occupants and unwillingness to contact with people.

Barbed, pointed leaves and fish tanks in the bedroom

Barbed, pointed plants and fish tanks are placed in the bedroom. The thorny, pointed leaves have tricks in the feng shui, which is unfavorable for people to interact with; it is difficult to place; the evaporation of fish tank water vapor will increase the humidity of the bedroom, resulting in lack of popularity. So be sure to pay attention.

No back in bed

There is no rest behind the bed. It is better to have a bed in the back. A bed that is placed against the wall and placed in the center of the room is not only easy to feel insecure, but also difficult to find a reliable, reliable half.

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