The Finnish glass bottle recycling rate is almost 100%

Finland's waste recycling is at the top level in the world. The recovery rate of empty glass bottles is almost 100%, and organized garbage disposal is spread all over the country.

Finland has ample wood resources and is not short of paper. Therefore, old newspapers cannot sell money in Finland. Old glass bottles and cans can be sold for money, but they are not sold on street. In the alcoholic specialty store next to the FABIAN hotel in the capital city of Helsinki, there is a special recycling machine. An Arbor puts old glass jars and cans into the recycling outlet one by one (see photo on the right, photo by Chen Yubin) for 0.8 euros. receipt. The subsequent woman also exchanged a small ticket of 0.6 euros.

In a supermarket opposite the FABIAN Hotel in Helsinki, there is also a dedicated recycling machine. The locals said that people selling old glass bottles and cans and other things would normally be picked up by the recycling machines in the shops and supermarkets, and then used for the vouchers when they bought tickets at their stores or supermarkets according to their par value.

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