The 10th China International Classical Furniture Autumn Exhibition

Despite the sluggish sales in the property market, the soft decoration industry is not losing heat, and classical furniture and antique art from the East and the West are booming. After the success of the "China International Classical Furniture Exhibition" in May this year, it will usher in a purchase opportunity this fall. The 10th China International Classical Furniture (Autumn) Exhibition, held on November 25-28, 2011, will be held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center of "Hongqiao CBD". It is a fan of classical furniture and antique art from the East and West. Present a year-end "big meal" before the "three major festivals".

As the earliest and most active trade show in China, it has the dual functions of trade and retail. It has been successfully held for ten times, helping countless exhibitors and effective audiences to reach trade and truly play a role as a bridge. The exhibition has also become a barometer of the development of the industry. Through the exhibition, it can reflect the development trend of the industry and the transformation of consumer's consumption concept. At the same time, the exhibition always focuses on the two themes of 'Ming and Qing Classical Home Furnishings' and 'European Classical Home Furnishings'. In addition to promoting China's Ming and Qing furniture and home decorations, it also attracts many overseas brand companies to bring European classical furniture and interiors. The promotion of decorations to the Chinese market has truly achieved the purpose of mutual exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries, so that you can buy overseas Western antique art and furniture without going abroad. Visitors can learn about the long history of ancient furniture in China and Europe. History, carving crafts and splendid furniture culture.

China's mahogany classical furniture has always been loved by collectors for its excellent quality and cultural taste. At the exhibition, many homes from Beijing, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shanghai, Shanxi, etc. The Ming and Qing furniture brand companies will participate in the exhibition, among which the major brands of domestic mahogany classical furniture are all registered. These home furnishings all exude the charm of long-standing art and culture, which is a collection of collections and uses, which makes people love it.

At the same time, European antique furniture brand dealers from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, the United States, Indonesia and other countries, such as Rong Bao, Hua Wei, Fan Xiwei, Old Paris, ATHENA, Jane. Classic will bring a variety of classical furniture and fine art to meet buyers from all over China. Many of the exhibits are debuted. Some of the exhibits are far away, flying from Shanghai to the origin of European countries, becoming a Chinese classical furniture enthusiast and investment collection. It is rare to buy varieties.

This exhibition also specially invited some fine agarwood and woodcarving art to participate, becoming a new highlight of the public investment collection.

In order to meet the needs of Chinese-style cultural enthusiasts, the organizer specially set up an exhibition invitation for the 2011 Shanghai-invested book and painter works. At that time, the famous Chinese painting oil painter Liu Haisu disciple Jiang Dejun, the famous Chinese painter Peony Wang Shiying, and the Shanghai Painting and Calligraphy Institute Director Li Wenlian, a famous landscape painter, and other exhibitors, including Shanghai Weimei, Zhang Genbao and Hu Xiaolan.

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