Keep moisturizing 5 super moisturizing cream recommended

Every day, your skin is constantly losing moisture. When your skin barrier weakens, water will lose more. Because the skin's natural "water storage" is weakening. The skin lacks moisture, becomes rough, dull and lacks elasticity. Want to keep your skin moist during the dry winter? Xiaobian today brought you 5 super-moisturizing creams, which will definitely make you feel hydrated in the cold winter!


One: SHISEIDO Shiseido New Whitening Brightening Moisturizer RMB480/50ml
The three night-use whitening lotions combine whitening, moisturizing and revitalizing effects. They continue to moisturize and repair the skin during sleep, lock the whitening ingredients, and the skin is smooth and translucent. According to different skin types, we introduce refreshing and light moisturizing gel, moisturizing lotion and alcoholic cream.
Two: benefit deep moisturizing cream RMB380/48.2ml
Benefit Deep Moisturizing Cream provides instant and long-lasting moisturizing effect Total Moisture Deep Moisturizing Cream contains Benefit's exclusive Tri-Radiance Complex, which quickly absorbs and thoroughly moisturizes the skin. In addition to strengthening the skin's natural lock screen, it helps the skin to store moisture and long-lasting moisturizing. It also contains the recognized natural plant skin softener and mango butter, which has excellent moisturizing effect. Let your skin feel thirst quenching, full of moisturizing feeling After encountering "deep moisturizing cream", say goodbye to dry skin!
Three: Paris L'Oreal Cleansing All Day Moisturizing Cream 130 yuan / 50ml
The special moist texture, derived from the pure SPA mineral water of Vosges Mountain, France, contains rich mineral extracts such as calcium, magnesium, copper and manganese, which strengthens the skin's moisturizing barrier. The moisturizing energy of 10 billion water molecules, pouring more abundant moisture, locking the more lasting moisturizing, especially the special formula of hyaluronic acid, bringing immediate soothing and lasting moisturizing to extremely dry skin! Make up more water, moisturize and lock for a longer time, retain plenty of nourishment, let your skin say goodbye to dryness!
Four: Lancome Lancome Moisture Soothing Day Cream 620RMB/50ML
The new upgrade Lancome Lancome Moisture Soothing Day Cream has an all-natural plant formula: French Rose, which effectively fights inflammation, soothes skin, reduces erythema and prevents dehydration; China's Yunnan White Jasmine Extract protects Langerhans cells from UV rays Invasion also prevents the skin from causing inflammation due to the action of free radicals; Moringa extract, which brings magical anti-oxidation and purification effects to the skin, protects against pollution and invasion, and helps the skin of urban diseases to eliminate the pollution. Combine neuro-cosmetic technology to soothe skin pressure, effectively improve skin dryness and water shortage, and stimulate skin's own moisturizing ability. The texture is delicate and smooth, bringing a new feeling to the skin; applying a facial, the cream is instantly moist and moist, giving the skin a soft and comfortable new experience.
Five: be 彼嘉柔润晶透凝露RM69/30g
For the skin problems that are particularly prominent in autumn and winter, the problem of "skin is rough and hard" can be solved. It contains keratin-removing ingredients to soften the aging keratin that causes the skin to become rough, actively promotes skin metabolism, smoothes the skin, and improves dullness, making the skin even and transparent. It also contains high-moisturizing trehalose, which can play a water-retaining effect when the skin loses moisture, lock the skin moisture in time, and continue to give dry skin a nourishment.

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