Metal furniture painting process is welcomed by the market

Nowadays, the times are changing, people's ideas and appreciation are constantly changing. Nowadays, many consumers are focusing on the metal furniture painting process. The unique shape of metal furniture and the style avant-garde attract their attention.

It is understood that there are many types of metal furniture. When we go to the home market, we can find which kind of products we like. Generally speaking, metal furniture sold in the market is divided into four categories:

A combination of glass and stainless steel tubes.

Second, it is a steel tube-based folding bed and folding sofa

Third, it is iron furniture for outdoor use.

Fourth, the multi-functional racks sold in the market can be processed into Duobao, bedside tables, bookshelves and so on.

Nowadays, in the home market, the metal furniture of the main structure of the metal pipe is relatively easy to sell, and the metal frame and some other materials and small accessories have a modern atmosphere.

Rich surface finish

It can be said that the surface decoration of the popular metal furniture can be described as colorful, and many colorful homes are sprayed with polyurethane powder; others are chrome-plated, crystal-clear, luxurious and elegant vacuum titanium nitride or carbonization. Titanium coating. These metal furniture have been loved by people of this era, and using these metal furniture to decorate their rooms is more modern.

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