Stefanie Sun has a unique charm of beauty collection

Stefanie Sun, although there is no proud figure, there is no exquisite facial features. But she is thin and thin, but she has become a house goddess with another charm. In the hearts of many boys, there is a unique position that no one can replace.

Stefanie Sun has a unique charm of beauty collection

The Yanzi, who has always taken the natural route, is like a girl next door! It always makes people feel very close, and they can't see Leo at all.

Double sister, Mood, Lip Gloss

Reference price: 230 yuan / 1.5g

Stefanie Sun has a unique charm of beauty collection

Official introduction: moist and sweet lips are translucent and tender. One touch, the lips are smooth and elastic, such as clear and tender, petal-like sweet, too sweet and tender, with a flexible texture, bringing a charming and long-lasting color to the lips; a rich sun flower oil extract, all day Nourishes soft lips, active vitamin E's antioxidant function, long-lasting care nourish the lips. It is recommended to use a lip brush to apply a proper amount and evenly swipe the lip.

Stefanie Sun has a unique charm of beauty collection

Although Stefanie, who has long hair, adds a sense of femininity to the refreshing and cuteness of the short hair period. But like a bottle of green tea, the impressive attitude is still the low-key insistence on music. Refreshing short hair, cute rabbit teeth look like green.

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