Novartis Chen Jun: Intelligent elements make furniture convenient and environmentally friendly

[Reporter]: The products exhibited by your company today are very characteristic. Please tell us about it.

[Chen Jun]: This tea set is called the blue and white porcelain demonstration platform, which is a smart product. Inside the coffee table is a computer, the desktop uses a smart touch screen, also produced by IPAD. Its desktop is like a computer desktop, which can be directly manipulated on the desktop to enable entertainment functions such as drawing, playing games and so on. You can also download the learning software from the Internet and you can learn it.

The application of this product in store sales can break the traditional sales model and increase a sales channel. Because consumers can learn more products by simply demonstrating on the desktop.

Furniture East China Region Manager Chen Jun (left) alt=Pacific Home Network reporter interviewed Novartis Furniture East China Region Manager Chen Jun (left) src=" .jpg" data-cke-saved-src="">

Chen Jun, Manager of East China Region of Novartis Furniture (USA) Co., Ltd.

After the customer arrives at the storefront, the products that are not on display in the storefront, consumers want to know, can click on the image to display, directly on the desktop to demonstrate, save space, and increase product richness. Consumers can view and select products directly here, and it is very convenient. At the same time, it saves the cost of photo album printing and is very environmentally friendly.

[Reporter]: Will this product be very expensive after incorporating these technologies?

[Chen Jun]: No. Although I have not yet entered the market for official sales, I can guarantee that the price will not be too high.

[Reporter]: In other words, this product is not available on the market now?

[Chen Jun]: Yes, this is just the R&D launch. Mainly want to let more dealers to understand, this exhibition will be introduced to the market.

[Reporter]: I just looked at the venue and found no similar products. Is your company's product the first of its kind in the market?

[Chen Jun]: Yes, we are the first furniture sales demonstration platform, and we have applied for a patent.

[Reporter]: Ok, thank you for accepting our interview.

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