New Oasis Li Zhixiong: Taking the starlight mode as the leading factor to pull up the overall industrial structure


Li Zhixiong, Chairman of Zhongshan Yongbao New Oasis Wood Co., Ltd.

Taking the starlight mode as the leading factor to pull up the overall industrial structure

[Reporter]: Today, the launch ceremony of the new Oasis Starlight mode was successfully held. What expectations do you give to it?

[Li Zhixiong]: The company's overall strategy has a very high hope for the starlight model. In the next ten years, we will all adopt the starlight mode as the only one. In general, the construction of the entire industry is from the resource level to the intermediate production level to the sales level. We are now, in turn, driving the first two industrial structures at the sales level. It is mainly based on the starlight mode. The starlight mode is a vanguard in the entire industrial structure, which is the source of the entire industrial structure. Therefore, in our entire industrial organization, the starlight mode has an important position. This is a core issue.

[Reporter]: I heard that the focus of the promotion of the starlight model is now in Guangdong Province?

[Li Zhixiong]: Right.

[Reporter]: Can you talk about the construction direction and the future layout of the store?

[Li Zhixiong]: We are now running the two systems. According to professional analysis, the tipping point should be the size of 30 central stores and 150 star stores, which is the basic configuration of 1:5. These 30 companies are mainly direct-oriented, self-investment-oriented, and the second level is investment attraction. Therefore, the importance of investment is not strong. This makes the mode start very fast, because the capital market has successfully entered, and the funding problem has been solved. The 30 companies we invest in are about 1.2 billion. At present, 15 have been prepared. At the end of September and early October, we will start to move.

[Reporter]: How many problems have been solved in the operation and management of the store?

[李志雄]: We established the Oasis Business School very early, and we are also recruiting shop assistants, store managers and managers in various cities. The talent reserve will be completed by the Oasis Business School.

[Reporter]: Is the distribution operator directly from the school?

[李志雄]: Directly distributed from the Oasis Business School, this model is also the first function of the Oasis Business School (the Oasis Business School) - the talent reserve function; the second function is our training induction function. Skill training function. The third function is the talent assessment function. Even if we are employed, we will conduct regular evaluations. If we do not meet the standards, we will come back to continue training. Because terminal services are now focused on service details, the details are entirely in the quality of the terminal shopping guide. The three functions that the tourism business school has to undertake are very clear. And this work is to follow the established procedures, not to open the store and then recruit and then use, run out and then go to training, we are all taking all the back-end resources.

The central store and the starlight store collaborate together without distinction

[Reporter]: Starlight mode, where is the profit point? How much can it be profitable?

[Li Zhixiong]: The profit of the central store business is between 30% and 40%, and the profit point of Starlight Store is about 20%.

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